Free app earns you cash back at your favorite restaurants


Square's Cash Boost rewards program offer new ways to save at Chipotle, Shake Shack and other chains.
Square's Cash Boost rewards program offer new ways to save.
Screenshot: Gabe Trumbo/Cult of Mac

Square’s Cash App just got far more rewarding. The Cash Boost program now offers cash back at several well-known restaurants and stores, including Shake Shack and Chipotle. Even better, now anybody can participate.

With a little strategy, you can save loads of money on everyday purchases. Here’s how you can earn cash back at restaurants every day with the free Cash App.

iOS 7 Now Displays Super Long iMessages In Full Screen Mode




We all have at least one friend who is just verbose as hell on iMessage. Like, dude just doesn’t get the fact that you don’t want to read a novella about how the Chipotle burrito roller lady ripped his tortilla twice, so he sends his 1852 character rant to you like it’s an honor to know of his guacamole debacle.

Rather than having to scroll through extremely long iMessages in the chat window, iOS 7 has a new feature which allows users to expand them into full screen mode. A truncated version of a long iMessage will display in the chat window with a little arrow at the bottom to expand it and read more.

Here’s a GIF of how it works:

Chipotle iPhone App Receives A Most Crucial Update, Really


Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.06.43 PM

Did you know that Chipotle had an iPhone app? Well it does, and that app allows you to order from your iPhone and skip the line when you arrive to inhale your burrito goodness. It’s a beautiful idea, but the app itself has not been so beautiful for the past few years. Today Chipotle updated its app with iPhone 5 support, the ability to select brown rice, and so, so much more.