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Apple won’t pay OpenAI to add ChatGPT to iOS 18


An iPhone screen showing an iOS 18 popup that says
Apple and OpenAI's ChatGPT integration in iOS 18 is about more than money.
Photo: Apple

Apple is not paying OpenAI for ChatGPT access in iOS 18, according to a new report. Neither is OpenAI paying Apple for the privilege of integrating its chatbot into millions of iPhones later this year.

A news story sheds light on the high-profile arrangement between the two companies — and details how it is more than about money.

Why you shouldn’t fear Apple Intelligence


Screenshot of Apple introducing Apple Intelligence during the WWDC24 keynote.
Apple Intelligence: "AI for the rest of us."
Photo: Apple

Apple Let Loose Event: Judging by the reaction to Tim Cook’s post on X about Apple Intelligence, the internet is not ready for Siri integrated with ChatGPT. After Monday’s WWDC24 keynote, the Apple CEO posted a link to X about the new AI capabilities coming to Apple devices.

Immediately, dozens of critics — including Elon Musk — piled on. They slammed Apple for working with ChatGPT, which the vast majority of the commenters don’t trust.

“You’ve just ensured that no member of my family will EVER buy another Apple product,” wrote one. “Enjoy your spyfest!”

However, the hailstorm of surprisingly vitriolic and emotional comments seems based on a basic misunderstanding of how Apple Intelligence will work. As privacy-focused as ever, Apple put tons of work into making sure Apple Intelligence will keep your data secure, even from the prying eyes of AI companies it works with.

Here’s why it looks like Apple is doing AI right.

Elon Musk threatens to ban iPhones from his companies over Apple’s OpenAI deal


An illustration of an iPhone tapping into Apple Intelligence, used to illustrate concerns that prompted Elon Musk to threaten an iPhone ban at his companies.
How safe is your iPhone on Apple Intelligence?
Image: Apple

After Cupertino confirmed rumors that it would integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia as part of its Apple Intelligence framework, Elon Musk threatened to ban iPhones and other Apple devices from his company’s offices over security concerns.

“If Apple integrates OpenAI at the OS level, then Apple devices will be banned at my companies,” Musk — who runs Tesla, X and SpaceX, among other things — said on the platform formerly known as Twitter. “That is an unacceptable security violation.”

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Learn the full potential of ChatGPT with this $20 course.
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Apple’s Ferret-UI helps AI use your iPhone


Ferret-UI might help AI systems like Siri understand and work with mobile-device screens.
Photo: Pexels-Tracy Le Blanc

Apple’s new Ferret-UI multimodal large language model could help artificial intelligence systems better understand mobile screens like the one on your iPhone, according to a research paper released Tuesday.

Among those potentially benefitting from this? Perhaps the much-maligned Siri voice assistant will do more for you on mobile devices. And maybe visually impaired users and developers who need to do user interface testing will benefit, too.

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Apple tests AI software to transform images into video


Apple tests Keyframer, AI software to transform images into video
Keyframer is only a research project, but it confirms that Apple is hard at work on LLM-based AI software.
Screenshot: Apple

The latest demonstration of Apple’s AI expertise is Keyframer, software that turns an image into a video based on natural language instructions.

It offers an early glimpse at the type of AI tools that might come bundled into future versions of macOS or iOS.

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How does Apple use AI and machine learning?


Siri on an iPhone
Apple takes a different approach to AI from many of its competitors.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become mainstream in business, large tech firms like Amazon and Facebook look to introduce AI features that transform the way we engage online through predictive purchase models and other algorithmic means. But how does Apple use AI?

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In contrast to competitors’ high-profile activities, Apple lays low on the AI revolution. In fact, the company scarcely mentioned AI at all until recently. You’d be forgiven for thinking Cupertino might not even be involved in the buzziest tech around.

But it definitely is. Apple’s business teams are cooking up many AI and ML opportunities. Still, Apple takes on AI challenges from a different angle with a more intuitive approach. Let’s look behind the scenes at the world’s largest tech company to see how tomorrow’s ideas are shaping today’s products.

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Jony Ive and OpenAI plan to build ‘iPhone of artificial intelligence’


Jony Ive left Apple in 2019 and founded design firm LoveFrom.
Jony Ive left Apple in 2019 and founded design firm LoveFrom.
Photo: Vanity Fair/YouTube

Former Apple design chief Jony Ive and OpenAI are trying to raise $1 billion to build the “iPhone of artificial intelligence,” according to a new report.

The article builds on previous media items about Ive brainstorming with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on the project.

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Opera for iOS adds AI browsing


Now you have another option for using AI on your iPhone.
Now you have another option for using AI on your iPhone.
Photo: Opera

The Opera browser for iOS now features an artificially intelligent assistant created in collaboration with OpenAI. Opera calls it Aria, and says it “offers you a cutting-edge generative AI service for free.”

Similarly to other such tools, Opera integrated its AI into the browser and makes it free to use once you opt in.