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How to use ChatGPT on iPhone for good, not evil


How to use ChatGPT on iPhone for good, not evil
The new ChatGPT for iOS app is useful in many ways, not just cheating.
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OpenAI’s ChatGPT for iOS makes the much-hyped chatbot easy to use on an iPhone. It’s powered by the same artificial intelligence as the web version, so it’s useful in many ways for people on the go. Plus, the app has its own voice-recognition system. And the basic version is free.

The ChatGPT AI already stirred up enormous controversy. But here are some suggestions for how to use the new iPhone application in positive ways.

ChatGPT iPhone app puts AI ‘at your fingertips’


OpenAI ChatGPT for iOS
Get an iPhone version of the real ChatGPT today. No workarounds necessary.
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OpenAI introduced ChatGPT for iOS, an application that brings the much-hyped chatbot powered by artificial intelligence to iPhone users.

It is free and has all the features of the web version, which means it is ready to answer questions with generally correct answers. Plus, this iOS version supports OpenAI’s speech recognition system.

Get the most out of ChatGPT with this top-rated training bundle


Get the most out of ChatGPT with this top-rated training bundle, less than $7.50 a course today.
Become a ChatGPT pro with this top-rated training, now less than $30.
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Has there ever been a new technology that has risen so rapidly and been as influential as artificial intelligence, and more specifically, ChatGPT? The OpenAI tool changed the game in almost every industry, seemingly overnight. Potential applications including content generation, translation and even coding iPhone apps from scratch.

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Usually $800, you can grab it for only $29.99. That’s less than $7.50 a course — and potentially the best investment in your resume that you’ll ever make.

Stop ignoring the power of AI and learn to use ChatGPT


Stop ignoring the power of AI and learn to use ChatGPT with this $20 course.
Learn the full potential of ChatGPT with this $20 course.
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Artificial intelligence is coming on strong and creating quite a buzz in the tech world. Stop missing out on cutting-edge tech, and start using AI to make your life easier. The Introduction to ChatGPT course teaches you how AI can streamline your personal and professional projects.

Typically, lifetime access to this course costs $109. But now you can get it for the best price online, just $19.99.

Add ChatGPT to iPhone or Mac with this new Shortcut


Add ChatGPT to iPhone or Mac with this new Shortcut
Have ChatGPT always available on your iPhone with S-GPT.
Photo: Federico Viticci/MacStories

Don’t be jealous of Microsoft Bing’s new AI capabilities: A new Shortcut called S-GPT integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot into Apple devices. It works as a conversational search engine but can do much more, including summarizing a webpage and creating an Apple Music playlist from a list of suggested songs.

It’s a Shortcut rather than an app, and it’s free to download. There’s a very small fee for using it.

Wozniak, Musk and leading researchers urge pause on ‘out of control’ AI


The letter doesn't refer to the
The letter doesn't refer to the "rise of the machines" a la "Terminator," but it could have.
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

A new open letter signed by tech leaders urges a six-month pause on development of advanced artificial intelligence applications that may pose “profound risks to society and humanity.”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, other tech execs and many AI academics signed the letter. It urges caution concerning “emergent” AI more powerful than GPT-4. We’re not talking Siri here (at least not yet).

Learn about AI and computer programming for only $30


Learn about AI advancements and computer programming for only $30.
This bundle of tech courses can help you launch a lucrative and fulfilling new career.
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Ready to learn how to take advantage of the latest advances in coding and artificial intelligence? During our Spring Digital Blowout, this programming bundle for ChatGPT and Python is available for only $29.97 (regularly $2,786).

You get lifetime access to the lesssons, which are a great way to establish a fundamental understanding of impactful technology. But you’ll have to act fast, as this price drop only lasts through April 3.

Upgrade your WordPress site with this ChatGPT plugin


Upgrade your WordPress site with this $40 ChatGPT plugin.
Give your WordPress site a boost with this ChatGPT plugin, now just $39.97.
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ChatGPT keeps making headlines for its ability to quickly generate effective writing and even write iPhone apps, but how can it benefit you and your website?

This lifetime license for the ChatGPT WordPress plugin answers that question, and it’s now on sale as part of our Spring Blowout for only $39.97. You’ll have to hurry, though, since this best-of-web pricing only lasts through April 13.

First ChatGPT-generated app hits the App Store


5 Movies
5 Movies is an iPhone app that provides daily movie recommendations, and it was created using ChatGPT.
Image: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

5 Movies, likely the first iPhone app generated almost entirely by ChatGPT, was approved by Apple and published on the App Store late Thursday night.

Morten Just, an independent developer of Mac apps who’s based in Switzerland, guided ChatGPT through the creation of the movie-recommendation app. Just said he told the AI what he wanted, then pasted its output into an Xcode project, writing only an estimated 2% to 5% of the code himself. The chatbot even fixed bugs as Just pasted in error messages.

“What matters to me is creating software that is useful and solves real problems,” Just told Cult of Mac after his 5 Movies app went live. “If I can do that faster with AI, I will.”