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Steelcase Gesture, The Office Chair For iPhone And iPad Users



One of my regrets when moving from sunny Barcelona to chilly Leipzig was that I couldn’t ring my Steelcase Leap chair, which despite its ugly blue leather squab and back is the best chair I’ve ever sat in.

But no matter, as I now have my eye on the new Steelcase Gesture, an office chair designed for the slouching and leaning associated with using an iPhone or iPad. The chair is designed to be comfortable even when you sit in it wrong, with arms that “move like the human arm” and a seat that’s soft all the way to the edges.

Otherwise the Gesture looks a lot like my old Leap, with the same supportive back design that bends as you move, and the same ultra-adjustable everything else. And it also has the same kind of price, $979. Still, at least the colors are way better.

Source: Steelcase
Thanks: Trisha

Steelcase Gesture Series: Office Chairs For iPhone and iPad Users



Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The Strunch
  • The Cocoon
  • The Take It In
  • The Trance
  • The Smart Lean

Now, I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking the exact same dirty thoughts; but no: they’re not fun “adult poses” to enjoy with another human or similarly-sized biped. They are in fact some of the new postures that chair-maker Steelcase has noticed in hours of actually watching how we slump in our seats.

iRock, The iPad-Charging Rocking Chair





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Thirty two years ago, a UK office furniture manufacturer called Hille International wanted a new design for an office chair, something that would pry loose the white-knuckled fingers of American design duo Charles and Ray Eames from their death grip on the office furniture market.

The line of chairs that resulted was called the System Supporto, and not only is it a masterpiece of design… it is Apple designer Jony Ive’s favorite kind of chair, widely used within Apple. According to our own source, it probably even inspired the design of the MacBook Pro!