These iPhone cases don’t make you choose between style and protection


Three layers of protection in five colors.
Photo: Altigo

Start-up companies often introduce themselves to the market with a single product. Accessories brand Altigo launched in November with a colorful line of sleek headphones and iPhone cases.

Now two months later at its first CES, Altigo debuts more mobile lifestyle accessories to its growing product line.

Samsung’s first foldable phone is coming early this year


This early prototype Samsung foldable phone suggests how the Galaxy X might look.
The so-called Galaxy Flex be Samsung’s first foldable phone.
Screenshot: Samsung

CES 2019 bugIf you’ve been waiting to splash your cash on a foldable smartphone, you’ll be pleased to know that the wait for Samsung’s first is almost over.

The so-called Galaxy Flex will go on sale during the first quarter of this year. It will feature the Infinity Flex display that Samsung showcased at a recent developers conference, and it could cost as much as $2,550 in the U.S.

There are 5 different ways to open this secure smart lock


Lockly 2
The most secure smart lock yet?
Photo: Lockly

CES 2019 bug In the same way that Apple has given us Face ID, Touch ID and good old-fashioned passcodes, so too does Lockly’s new Secure Pro smart lock offer a multitude of ways for users to unlock it.

In addition to a keypad, there’s also a fingerprint scanner, voice assistant integration, and connected mobile app. Oh, and a regular key, of course — just in case you’re one of those people.

Aura band makes your Apple Watch even smarter


Aura Band
Everything that makes the Aura Band great is coming to Apple Watch.
Photo: Aura

CES 2019 bugThere aren’t many health and fitness statistics Apple Watch can’t track, but to make up for some of those that are missing, there’s the impressive new Smart Strap from Aura.

By sending electricity through your body (without hurting you), the Smart Strap can measure your weight, fat, muscle mass, and more. It won’t cost you much more than a regular Apple Watch band, either.

Retro mic turns your iOS device into a portable studio


Samson Satellite mic
The Samson Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone brings the studio into the field.
Photo: Samson Technologies

CES 2019 bugFor musicians, podcasters and streamers, “the studio” is an iOS device in a living room, coffee shop or some crazy live event.

Samson Technologies rolled out a new microphone at CES this week that promises to gather studio-quality audio no matter the location.

AR art kit and iPad will have you painting masterpieces


Cupixel is like having an AR Bob Ross with your iPad.
Photo: Cupixel

CES 2019 bugOf all the things visitors expect to do at the Consumer Electronics Show, creating a stunning work of art isn’t on the list.

But that’s exactly what could happen if you stop by the Cupixel booth. The creators know the proof is in the painting.

With an iPad, an app and Cupixel’s art box, a fabulous painting is just at the tip of the brush of anyone willing to pick it up.

This power pack lets you charge your iPhone in the bath


LifeProof 2
Don't get us wrong: You can use it on dry land, too.
Photo: LifeProof

CES 2019 bug If you’re looking for a mobile charging solution to power everything from your iPhone to your MacBook, LifeProof’s new LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 20 may be the product you’re looking for.

Offering a travel-friendly battery pack designed for phones, tablets, laptops, and hand-held gaming systems, it’s a rugged hunk of portable (waterproof) power that’s perfect for a weekend away.

Your iPhone could soon tell you when to change your kid’s diaper


It's your lucky day!
Photo: Monit

CES 2019 bug Ever wanted to receive an iPhone push notification telling you that your kid has just pooped themselves? Probably not, but that’s not stopped Korean startup Monit from using CES 2019 to debut its new smart diaper monitor.

Aiming to replace the “sniff test” for good, this (reusable) wearable sensor attaches to the outside of a baby’s diaper. Once there, it promises to accurately detect the presence of urine or poop in the diaper, and send an alert to parents or caregivers. Ah, technology: you’ve done it again!

Zagg’s new iPad Pro keyboard cases beautifully hold Apple Pencil


Zagg Slim Book Go
A Zagg Slim Book Go keyboard case for the 12.9- and 11-inch iPad Pro is in the offing.
Photo: Zagg

CES 2019 bugZagg is using the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil a trio of clip-on keyboards for the newest iPad Pro and iPad models: the Slim Book Go, Rugged Book Go, and Messenger Folio. These range from lightweight to more rugged options.

In addition, Zagg subsidiary InvisibleShield launched advanced screen protectors for the 2018 iPads that won a CES award.

Apple trolls Google with giant billboard at CES 2019


Apple is serious about keeping your personal data safe.
Photo: Apple

CES 2019 bugApple’s not letting CES 2019 pass without making its presence felt.

The biggest companies in tech have descended on Las Vegas this week for CES 2019. Apple is one of the few holdouts not in attendance but that hasn’t stopped the company from sending a huge message to its competitors and customers by posting a giant billboard above the city of Las Vegas.