Pricey earbuds made from melted guns pack serious firepower


These earbuds are made from melted-down illegal firearms.
Photo: Yevo

CES 2018 bug In a possible bid for the most unusual CES innovation so far, Swedish-based innovation lab YEVO Labs today announced the launch of YEVO x Humanium headphones: the world’s first wireless headphones made out of melted-down illegal firearms.

The concept may sound strange, but the intention is good — to provide new sources of funding to help people in conflict-torn parts of the world affected by illegal weapon violence.

Stylish dock lets you charge Apple devices two at a time


Smart Dual Charging Station
The Smart Dual Charging Station will be available this spring.
Photo: Satechi

CES 2018 bug Tech accessories brand Satechi is using CES this week to show off a new dual charging station that will create the appearance you’re trying to show off your iPhone and Apple Watch.

The Smart Dual Charging Station props up your iPhone and Apple Watch on a stylish stand of silver or space gray brushed aluminum that neatly organizes your charging cords. The station is customizable and can also work with other Apple accessories, such as the Apple Pencil and Siri Remote.

New smart lock tech means you’ll never miss another package


It's a neat solution to the last mile delivery problem.
Photo: August

CES 2018 bugSmart lock company August Home has partnered with Deliv to offer a same-day delivery service, even when you’re not home, that operates in upwards of 1,400 cities.

The service means that users of the August smart locks — as well as those made by Emtek and Yale — can now take advantage of a service that lets users give temporary virtual “keys” to people such as couriers. You can even monitor the whole delivery on your iPhone!

Smart toothbrush will use ResearchKit to give you a better clean


smart brush
This iPhone-connected toothbrush will offer the ultimate clean.
Photo: Colgate

CES 2018 bug Do you want a toothbrush that knows what it’s like to have brushed the teeth of thousands of other people? That’s kind of what Colgate’s new app-enabled electronic toothbrush promises — only way less gross than that makes it sound.

Debuted at CES, the Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1 with Artificial Intelligence uses AI to provide real-time feedback to users as they clean their pearly whites. It also uses Apple’s ResearchKit platform integration to crowdsource toothbrushing data from other users. The more people clean, the smarter the brush gets!

Phyn Plus lets you monitor your water system from your iPhone or iPad


The smart way to monitor your water system.
Photo: Phyn

CES 2018 bug Thanks to a collaboration between Belkin and plumbing supplier Uponor, you’ll soon be able to monitor your home water system for leaks and pressure issues via your iOS device.

Debuting at CES 2018, the Phyn Plus is an accessory which repeatedly measures the pressure of your water supply (to the tune of 240 times every single second) and then uses smart algorithms to determine when you may have a problem, such as a pinhole leak or frozen pipes.

Speck iPhone case will mount to magnetic holder


Presidio MOUNT
Speck's Presidio MOUNT case for iPhone pairs nicely with Scosche's MagicMount
Photo: Speck

CES 2018 bug Speck and Scosche have teamed up for a new iPhone case with magnetic mounts so users can engage their phones hands-free.

Announced Monday ahead of the big CES show in Las Vegas, the Speck Presidio Mount is designed to work with Scosche’s MagicMount, a smartphone/tablet mount designed for vehicle or office use.

Eve Button is a remote control for your HomeKit devices


The Elgato Eve Button puts control of your HomeKit devices at your fingertips.
The Eve Button puts control of your HomeKit devices at your fingertips.
Photo: Elgato

CES 2018 bug Sometimes Siri isn’t around to help you manage your smart home. The new Elgato Eve Button puts your HomeKit-enabled devices and scenes at your fingertips when you don’t have your smartphone at the ready.

The new HomeKit controller also means guests or kids can easily turn on the lights, lock the doors or whatever else needs doing — all with a quick press on the Eve Button.

Intel’s first chips with AMD graphics mean new hope for MacBook Pro


Intel AMD chip
Intel forms unlikely friendship with AMD.
Photo: Intel

CES 2018 bugUnlikely duo Intel and AMD have delivered a new generation of Core processors with discrete Radeon RX Vega M graphics.

They are the most powerful processors available for notebooks, Intel says, with each unit packing 4GB of memory dedicated to video. There’s a good chance you’ll see them in a future MacBook Pro.