Apple adds local information to its COVID-19 iPhone app


iPhone showing coronavirus that causes COVID-19
Apple’s COVID-19 iPhone app providing reliable info about the novel coronavirus has been updated with details from each U.S. state.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Apple updated its COVID-19 screening application for iPhone with information from each U.S. state’s health department to help users know what’s expected in their area.

This fits with the goal of Apple’s app — giving people resources to stay informed on steps they can take to protect their health during the coronavirus outbreak.


The new COVID-19 app and website provide the latest information and guidance from the CDC for users across the US.
Photo: Apple

How to stay informed about coronavirus without terrifying yourself


COVID-19 coronavirus news got you down? Don't panic!
Don't panic! You can keep up with COVID-19 news without going nuts.
Photo: Simon English/Unsplash

Open up a newspaper, visit a news site or turn on the TV, and you’ll see the end of the world is nigh. And, of course, the COVID-19 coronavirus is serious business, especially if you are in one of the vulnerable categories.

But that doesn’t mean you need to panic. In fact, panicking about anything usually just makes things worse. So, how do you stay informed about the rapidly spreading disease without succumbing to media terror?