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Meteorite makes for a heavenly iPhone X case


iPhone case
To boldly go where no iPhone case has gone before.
Photo: Caviar

We’ve seen iPhone cases plated in gold, encrusted with precious gems and crafted from the skin of an ostrich. But one made from a meteorite is sure to make a strong impact.

Since you’re already spending more than a grand on the new iPhone X, another $4,100 will get you a case made with “authentic elements” from a meteor discovered in Russian in 1967. The case, available for pre-order now from the Russian luxury accessories company Caviar, which also offers slightly less expensive cases made from volcanic rock, mink fur, and amber.

You won’t be Russian to buy this $3,000+ Putin edition iPhone 6s


Caviar Putin iPhone
Imagine Putin this in your pocket.
Photo: Caviar

Apple sold 13 million iPhone 6s handsets in its opening weekend, but you probably won’t be Russian rushing to buy this “anniversary” iPhone 6s featuring the gold visage of Russia’s glorious leader, Vladimir Putin.

Created by Russian jewelry company Caviar, the limited edition custom iPhone will help you show those decadent capitalist pig-dogs in the West who’s boss thanks to a titanium finish, gold recreation of Putin’s chiselled face, velvet wooden collector’s box, and “free” car charger.

And all for the low, low price of $3,193.