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Covering Apple Vision Pro with 18K gold raises price to a mere $39,000


Caviar version of Apple Vision Pro
A version of Apple Vision Pro with gold and leather trim will go on sale in 2024.
Photo: Caviar

For anyone who looked at the $3,500 price on the Apple Vision Pro and thought “that is so cheap,” Caviar has a version that’s over ten times as expensive. This specially modified AR headset is plated in gold and has a leather head strap.

Caviar even modified the design to make wearing the device a bit more private.

Get kinky with these exotic, erotic iPhones


Get kinky with these exotic, erotic iPhones from Caviar
An iPhone you can’t take home to grandma.
Photo: Caviar

Caviar has the perfect gift for the dominatrix in your life. There are five different specially modified iPhone 13 models in their new Kinky collection. These “reflect the most secret and hidden aspects of love, wild fantasies, and secret passions,” according to their maker.

They are coming out just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, so if your lover has enough latex body suits, this might be just what you’re looking for.

This $8,400 iPhone 13 contains a real piece of Tesla car


Tesla Electro iPhone 13
It also includes a portrait of Elon Musk.
Photo: Caviar

Caviar is back with another crazy (and wildly expensive) custom iPhone. Its latest model, which is dubbed the Tesla Electro, contains a real piece from a Tesla car and is available in iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max versions.

You can get yours with up to 1TB of storage, but be warned that prices can reach an eye-watering $8,380.

Finish him! Mortal Kombat-themed iPhone brutalizes your wallet


MK iPhone
Spine-tearingly expensive.
Photo: Caviar

Back in my misspent youth I pumped no shortage of spare (and non-spare) change into arcade machines to play Mortal Kombat II. Jump forward more than a quarter-century and MK fans eager to empty their pockets faster than that can shell out for a new custom iPhone 12 Pro model.

Made by the company Caviar, the handset features an image of the Kunai harpoon weapon belonging to everyone’s favorite undead yellow-clad ninja Scorpion. It’s also emblazoned with the immortal words “Get over here!”

And all it will cost you is somewhere north of $6,140.

Pick up these gold-plated AirPods Max for a mere $108,000


Caviar takes Apple products and makes them even more expensive.
Caviar saw the complaints about the AirPods Max’s $550 price and said “Hold my beer.”
Photo: Caviar

The $550 price tag for Apple’s AirPods Max raised no few eyebrows, but the Russian luxury brand Caviar blows that out of the water. It just launched a version of these over-the-ear headphones that is 200x more expensive.

Custom iPhone 12 variants pay tribute to Apple’s very first computer


Caviar iPhone Apple-1
How many Apple has changed since 1976!
Photo: Caviar

Russian company Caviar is known for producing blinged-out Apple devices that would make billionaire fat cats and 2000-era rappers say “that’s a bit over-the-top.”

But its latest creations, infinitely more humble and low-fi in appearance, are easily my favorite of its customized devices. Caviar will produce a pair of iPhone 12 models patterned after the original Apple-1 computer, as built in 1976.

Celebrate Elon Musk’s SpaceX Mars ambitions with custom iPhone 12 Pro


Musk on Mars phone
All yours for around $5,000.
Photo: Caviar

The iPhone 12 isn’t out yet, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has yet to fulfill his ambition of landing on Mars — but Russian luxury firm Caviar is getting ahead of the game.

This week, it announced a new limited series of 19 “Musk Be On Mars” iPhone 12 Pro handsets. Rather than being blinged out with gold and diamonds like previous Caviar iPhones, these special-edition units will feature “a piece from the SpaceX spaceship that was in space,” bas relief of the Dragon spacecraft, and a laser-engraved Musk signature.

All yours for a starting price of $4,990.

Pricey silver iPhones ‘kill’ bacteria and offer spiritual protection


Caviar's silver iPhone collection
Since silver is a bacteria killer, these iPhones are less germy.
Photo: Caviar

The health experts say we can’t be too cautious in preventing the spread of a deadly coronavirus.

Caviar, the Russian brand that gold-plates and bejewels iPhones, is doing its part by turning to silver and its antibacterial properties for a line of iPhone 11 Pro cases.

For extra protection, you can pick one of four sacred cultural symbols representing health and good fortune.

This is what it’s like to unbox the world’s most expensive iPhone


This is what it's like to unbox the world's most expensive iPhone
And you thought dropping a regular iPhone 11 Pro was worrying.
Photo: Marques Brownlee

“Have you ever wanted to flex so hard that it doesn’t even make financial sense any more?

That’s how YouTuber MKBHD, a.k.a Marques Brownlee, introduces his hands-on look at Caviar’s Solarius Zenith Full Gold iPhone 11 Pro. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to use the world’s most expensive iPhone, check out his video. (Note: It includes one heck of an unboxing.)

iPhone concept with detachable display will blow your mind


iPhone concept with a removable secondary display
No content with one display, an iPhone concept suggests a pair — one removable.
Screenshot: Caviar

Rejecting the idea of flexible screens, an artist at Caviar dreamed up an iPhone concept with a detachable secondary display instead. This allows for real multitasking, or the handset to be snapped into a tablet or netbook.

Not stoping there, the artist created a concept video with multiple other innovative iPhone designs that might debut in next decade.

Watch it now: