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Get kinky with these exotic, erotic iPhones


Get kinky with these exotic, erotic iPhones from Caviar
An iPhone you can’t take home to grandma.
Photo: Caviar

Caviar has the perfect gift for the dominatrix in your life. There are five different specially modified iPhone 13 models in their new Kinky collection. These “reflect the most secret and hidden aspects of love, wild fantasies, and secret passions,” according to their maker.

They are coming out just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, so if your lover has enough latex body suits, this might be just what you’re looking for.

iPhone concept with detachable display will blow your mind


iPhone concept with a removable secondary display
No content with one display, an iPhone concept suggests a pair — one removable.
Screenshot: Caviar

Rejecting the idea of flexible screens, an artist at Caviar dreamed up an iPhone concept with a detachable secondary display instead. This allows for real multitasking, or the handset to be snapped into a tablet or netbook.

Not stoping there, the artist created a concept video with multiple other innovative iPhone designs that might debut in next decade.

Watch it now:

This year’s crazy gold iPhone looks surprisingly tasteful


Caviar Victory Diamond iPhone
Diamonds, lots of gold and a $30,000-plus price tag.
Photo: Caviar

Caviar, a Russian jeweler known for its expensive smartphone modifications, may have created a fourth iPhone to go in Apple’s iPhone 11 line.

Behold, the iPhone 11 Pro Bling.

Bling is not the official title. It’s actually Victory. But once you see the exotic treatment Caviar gave to the already good looking iPhone 11 Pro, Bling is apropos.