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Grumpy Cat’s outrageous earnings are the talk of the tabloids


Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy  Cat, isn't talking about her bank account. Photo: Ricky Brigante/Flickr CC
Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, isn't talking about her bank account. Photo: Ricky Brigante/Flickr CC

Whatever she earns, Grumpy Cat has plenty of reasons to smile. The Internet-famous feline just knows her earning power would dry up if she expressed happiness.

The world’s favorite sourpuss has reportedly earned more than $100 million in two years, according to British tabloid The Daily Express. That’s more than Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman, Matt Damon or Mathew McConaughey.

OS X Mavericks Isn’t Named After A Cat: It’s Named After A Dog



Yesterday, Apple unveiled OS X 10.9 and joked that after a decade, they were ditching their scheme of naming OS X releases after cats because they’d simply run out of big cat names to use. Instead, from now on, they’d name future versions of OS X after places in California, starting with OS X Mavericks, named after a famous Californian surfing spot.

What’s pretty funny about the choice of ‘Mavericks’ as a name for OS X, though, is that the real-world location is named after a German Shephard, meaning that argue switched from naming their OS X releases after cats to naming them after dogs instead!

Forget OS X Lynx, These Are The Best Mascot Ideas For OS X 10.9 [Gallery]



Last week we had a lot of fun coming up with our vision for the next Mac operating system, OS X Lion-O. We then turned to our amazing readers and asked you guys to dream up the the perfect mascot for the next version of OS X.

We had a ton of readers submit their entries to our new Flickr Group, and the results were amazing. We’ve selected five winners who will get a free copy of Photoshop Touch for iPhone or iPad, along with our grand prize winner, who will get a free copy of OS X 10.9 when it comes out.

Here are the best mascot ideas for OS X 10.9:

If You Have A Cat, You Need To Buy The Sphero [Hands-On, CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – Sphero is a fun little gadget indeed. Paired with your iPhone, you can make the Sphero roll this way and that. You can also change its color on the fly. And if you own a cat, well, just watch the video and let your imagination do the work.

The Sphero was at CES last year, but only as a rough prototype. They just started shipping in December, so if you’d like to pick one up, you can do so on Amazon or on Sphero’s website for $129.

Go get one, your kitty will think its purrr-fect.

WTF App Of The Week: Cat Camera



It’s a problem I’m sure you’ll be familiar with: whenever you want to take a picture of your cat, said cat suddenly becomes utterly disinterested in you and everything you stand for.

Will the cat humor you, and turn its face to the camera? Will it hell.

What you need in situations like this is Cat Camera, the camera app that makes a reasonable stab at meeowing like a cat, in the hope that this provocative sound will make your cat turn its head in the right direction. It’s a bit basic and rather buggy, but hey, it’s a start.

I tried it on my neighbour’s cat, it still continued to ignore the hell out of me, despite Cat Camera’s fake meeowings:

20110114-meeow1.JPG Didn't you hear me?

Your milage, as well as your cats, may vary.