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Twitter’s new trick: serving up funny GIFs


Rock out with your taco out.
Rock out with your taco out.
Photo: Twitter

Twitter and animated GIFs are a popular combination – the social media company’s users shared 100 million of them last year – but finding just the right one has been more art than science.

Today, however, Twitter rolls out a new way to search for your animated funnies from within the 140-character service itself.

Watch This Lizard Crush Ants In Its Favorite Smartphone Game [Video]




We’ve seen cats enthralled by tablets and dogs who just love iPhone adverts, but this is the first time we’ve seen a reptile playing smartphone games. In this video posted to YouTube by “ThatSpecialGuy,” a bearded dragon crushes ants using her tongue in her favorite smartphone game, Ant Crusher.

The video has already attracted a whopping 1.2 million views on YouTube. Surely this is now the world’s most famous lizard?

This Cat Tweets His Dreams From A Bed Made Of An Old eMac [Video]



We think it’s adorable that this fat, fuzzy cat sleeps in an empty eMac fitted out with warm lights and cozy blankets, but it’s not particularly unique by itself: those old vintage all-in-one Macs have been turned into pet carriers and aquariums since time immemorial.

What sets the so-called eSleeper apart is that every time puss pushes his way in for a nap, it sends out a random tweet thanks to a controlled Arduino. And the tweets aren’t bad, although that cat certainly sleeps a lot. Less a Nyan Cat than a Nyarcoleptic one.

[via TUAW]