Sony’s new tape format promises 48,496,640 songs in your pocket


An iPhone 5 masquerading as a cassette tape.
An iPhone 5 case masquerading as a cassette tape.

If video killed the radio star, then the iPod helped kill the cassette tape.

Although perhaps not permanently enough.

According to new reports, Sony has developed a new magnetic tape capable of holding 148GB of data per square inch — meaning that if spooled into a cartridge, each tape would boast an astonishing 185TB worth of storage. To put that into context, it’s the equivalent of 3,700 dual-layer 50GB Blu-rays.

Help The Cassette Tape Live On With This Cool Case For iPhone 5 [Review]



I have fond memories of the cassette tape. The first album I ever bought was on cassette — I won’t tell you what it was — and I used to spend hours taping songs off the radio so that I could listen to them on my cheap Bush walkman, which had just three buttons and a volume control.

Cassette Case by Rocket Cases
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $14.99

The cassette’s pretty much dead now, of course, but you can help it live on with this cool cassette case for iPhone 5 from Rocket Cases. Priced at just $14.99, it’s made from a sturdy TPU plastic that provides your device with all-over protection from drops and scratches.

I’ve been testing it for a few weeks to find out whether it is worth its price tag, or whether it’s as useful as an actual cassette tape.

AirCassette for iPhone Makes Tape Players Look Good



I didn’t own many cassette tapes when I was a kid — CDs had already taken over — but I did have a small collection. There wasn’t much about the cassette that I liked actually; the sound quality wasn’t great, waiting for them to rewind was a pain, and they’re no good for Frisbee-ing at your friends like the compact disc. AirCassette for iPhone, however, is one cassette tape that’s just plain awesome.