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Apple’s Cash Reserves Are 30x What They Were 10 Years Ago


$1 trillion value
Apple is heading toward a $1 trillion market cap. But could Amazon get there first?
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Apple is leading the way when it comes to U.S. companies stockpiling cash, according to a note from Moody’s Investors Service.

Holding $158.8 billion, Apple’s cash pile is close to 30x what it was in 2004, when Apple has cash reserves of “just” $5.46 billion. This means that Apple holds 9.7% of total corporate cash outside the financial sector.

Analyst Estimates Apple Has $74 Billion In Cash Overseas


Piles of Cash

According to Barron’s today, Apple tops the list of tech companies keeping large amounts of cash reserves overseas. Barron’s quotes Moody’s Investor Services as estimating Apple’s overseas cash supply at $74 billion, which is higher than the $64 billion of last year.

Apple isn’t the only technology company sending cash and other liquid investments out of the country, of course. Microsoft comes in second place with an estimated $50 billion in cash, while Cisco and Oracle are estimated to have $42.3 and $25.1 billion socked away in cash, respectively.