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Coming Soon: Snacksss, The First iOS Game By Dev Behind Everquest And Unreal Tournament



I’m expecting some really cool iOS/Android stuff to pop out of indy dev First Post. The year-and-a-half-old startup is run by Jacob Robinson, the former art director at Sony Online Entertainment (who had a hand in forming legendary titles like the EverQuest series, DC Universe, Star Wars Galaxies and Unreal Tournament). It’s also completely self-funded, “which is not an easy thing to do at all,” says Robinson.

First Post’s debut game, Snacksss, may not exactly be the stellar breakthrough title one might have hoped for; the cartoony, Sonoran Desert-themed iPhone game has lots of pretty artwork but needs help in the gameplay department, which has the player listlessly flicking a hungry snake at rabbits ad nauseam.

The Agony Of Not Buying Apple Stock [Comic]


Friends don't let friends not invest in Apple.

It’s no secret that Apple’s stock has been flying higher than an eagle hopped up on Charlie Sheen’s cocaine stash. I’m no stock expert, but it doesn’t look like AAPL’s upward trend is going to stop any month soon, and it’s going to make investors a boat load of more money. Yesterday, I found out my friend had bought 94 shares of Apple stock back in 2004 for $21 a share. He’s held onto the shares this entire time too. Despite being jealous as hell at his good fortune, I’m also cheering on the stock to hit $1000 so he can cash in a big pay day and treat me to a fine dinner.

The latest Joy of Tech comic gets my jealous angst perfectly. Here’s the rest of it: