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Clever hack finally brings CarPlay to your Tesla


CarPlay on a Tesla
A Raspberry Pi makes it all possible.
Photo: Michał Gapiński

Tesla refuses to add CarPlay to its vehicles, so you’re stuck with the company’s own infotainment system — which doesn’t have it own Apple Music app. Or you can hack together a CarPlay upgrade by yourself.

Polish developer Michał Gapiński did exactly that by using a clever trick that involves Tesla’s built-in web browser and a Raspberry Pi. And, believe it or not, everything works exactly as intended.

Apple wants to give CarPlay control over your A/C, seats and more


Apple CarPlay
The future of CarPlay could be pretty awesome.
Photo: Apple

Apple is working on deeper CarPlay integration that could one day allow the system to take control of your vehicle’s air conditioning, seats, radio and more, according to a new report that cites people familiar with the plan.

The project, known as “IronHeart” internally, would require greater support from vehicle manufacturers. But if Apple can see it through, it would make CarPlay a whole lot more than a basic infotainment system.

iOS 15 problems continue as iPhone 13 owners report CarPlay crashes


Will it ever end?
Photo: Ford

The long list of problems that have surfaced in iOS 15 continues to grow as iPhone 13 owners report new issues with CarPlay.

Some say they are unable to play tracks in Apple Music or third-party apps like Spotify without the system crashing completely. There are some fixes you can try, like disabling the equalizer if it’s active, that may solve the problem.

Apple Maps gets fancy new features for drivers, transit riders and tourists


Certain launch cities will get highly detailed views in the iOS 15's updated Apple Maps
Certain launch cities will get highly detailed views in the iOS 15's updated Apple Maps
Photo: Apple

In iOS 15, Apple Maps will gain new features that make life easier for anybody using the app to navigate the world.

An interactive globe will give users a new way to dive into Apple Maps. Enhanced details will make driving safer and less confusing. And new features will make exploring certain cities simpler than ever.

“Our goal has always been to build the world’s best map,” said Meg Frost, product design director of Apple Maps, during Monday’s WWDC keynote. “So we looked at everything we’ve done so far and asked ourselves, ‘How can we push things even further?'”

How to use Intercom on HomePod, iPhone, AirPods and more


How to use Intercom
Intercom is on its way. Here's all you need to know.
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new Intercom feature lets you use HomePods to send short audio messages to almost anyone with an Apple device. While Apple showcased Intercom when unveiling the upcoming HomePod mini smart speaker, the feature also works with the regular HomePod as well as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more.

If you a HomePod, and you’ve updated it (and your other Apple devices) with the latest software, you can use Intercom to communicate with your family or housemates in new ways.

Porsche’s electric Taycan comes with 3 years of Apple Music included


Porsche Taycan
Apple Music comes baked in.
Photo: Porsche

Porsche’s forthcoming electric Taycan will offer three years of free Apple Music streaming. No tethered or wireless iPhone connection needed.

The system will rely on its own in-car dash. Drivers and passengers can use a touch screen and custom Porsche AI voice assistant to select albums, songs, or radio stations. Streaming data costs included.