CarKey feature will let you unlock and start your car using iPhone


You can share keys with Messages, too.
Photo: Apple

WWDC 2020

Apple’s car-focused tech got a nifty update at WWDC, letting users start their cars with their iPhone. Announced Monday, Apple’s new CarKey digital car keys feature will allow you to unlock and start select vehicles using NFC technology.

Emily Schubert, Apple’s Engineering Manager for Car Experience showed off the feature, which promises to revolutionize the way you start your vehicle for the 21st century.

How to customize your CarPlay setup and ditch apps you don’t need


BMW could ditch its pricey annual subscription cost for CarPlay
Don't settle for the default CarPlay layout.
Photo: Sony

CarPlay makes it safe to use some of your favorite iPhone apps on the road, and by default, anything with CarPlay support will automatically appear in your car. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Simplify your experience and make CarPlay even easier to use by customizing your layout and ditching apps you don’t need.

Want to use CarPlay in your classic 1960s Porsche? Now you can


Classic Porsche CarPlay
Now all I need is the classic Porsche to go with it!
Photo: Porsche

Want to feel like a 1960s spy? Fire up your vintage sports car, take to a winding road in the Swiss alps, and then call up information on your auto’s touchscreen control panel.

Such a thing, once firmly in the realm of fiction, is now possible thanks to a new line of CarPlay radios created by Porsche. Allowing you to kit out cars dating back to the 1960s with high-resolution touchscreens, Bluetooth, DAB+, and Apple’s in-car infotainment system, the head units opens up CarPlay to a whole new audience.

Using CarPlay is more dangerous than texting while driving, study claims


BMW could ditch its pricey annual subscription cost for CarPlay
CarPlay: good for your infotainment system, not your reaction times.
Photo: Sony

Using Apple’s CarPlay platform in its current state is worse for drivers’ reaction times than being high on weed, at the drink-drive legal limit, or texting behind the wheel, a new study claims.

IAM RoadSmart, the biggest road U.K. safety charity, analyzed the impact of various in-car distractions. While CarPlay may make the experience of using your car’s infotainment system more enjoyable, the group’s research concludes that it certainly won’t make you a better driver.

“The fundamental issue of these systems [is that they require] you to take your eyes off the road ahead,” Neil Greig, policy and research director for IAM RoadSmart, told Cult of Mac. However, Greig said steps could be taken to make systems like CarPlay safer.

iOS 14 could bring CarPlay wallpapers, more Maps improvements


BMW could ditch its pricey annual subscription cost for CarPlay
Prepare for CarPlay customization.
Photo: Sony

Apple’s big iOS 14 update could bring CarPlay wallpapers for the first time — as well as more Maps improvements, a new report claimed Thursday.

These are the latest snippets in a series of leaks from unreleased iOS 14 code. They come less a week before Apple is scheduled to roll out iPadOS 13.4, another rather significant update that brings true trackpad support to iPad.

Uconnect 5 brings CarPlay to all Fiat Chrysler vehicles in USA


The new Uconnect 5 home screen.
Photo: FCA

Apple’s CarPlay infotainment system is finally coming to all of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in North America thanks to a little help from Android.

Fiat Chrysler revealed its new Uconnect 5 platform for cars today that is five times faster than the previous version. FCA says Uconnect 5 was built with future growth in mind and comes with support for CarPlay along with Android Auto and Alexa. It’s basically the Swiss-army knife of in-dash infotainment systems.

iPhone 11 owners report audio issues with wireless CarPlay


Are you suffering CarPlay problems?
Photo: Ford

A growing number of iPhone 11 owners are reporting audio issues and other strange glitches with wireless CarPlay.

All say the feature worked fine with previous devices, but after upgrading to the latest Apple handsets, they’ve been unable to avoid CarPlay problems. And Apple’s latest iOS updates don’t help.

BMW cancels its ridiculous CarPlay subscription fee for new vehicles


BMW cancels its ridiculous CarPlay subscription fee
BMW was the only automaker to charge for CarPlay.
Photo: Apple

BMW has confirmed that it is ditching its ridiculous policy of charging an annual subscription fee for Apple’s CarPlay.

Yesterday, I wrote about how BMW was rumored to be getting rid of subscription fees in the UK. Now it seems that BMW has confirmed that the changes are confirmed. And, yes, they cover the US as well.

BMW could ditch its pricey annual subscription for CarPlay


BMW could ditch its pricey annual subscription cost for CarPlay
No other automotive has charged users a direct subscription fee for CarPlay.
Photo: Sony

BMW might abandon its controversial policy of charging customers an annual fee to use Apple’s CarPlay platform in its vehicles, an automotive publication claims.

According to AutoCar, a BMW representative revealed that CarPlay will be free for life on its newest cars. Owners of older cars can pay a discounted fee in the region of $300 for a lifetime subscription.