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Let your iPhone ride shotgun with 63% off this telescoping car mount


Take your iPhone for a ride with this telescopic car mount.
Turn your iPhone into a head-up display with this versatile car mount.
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Using your iPhone to navigate while driving is convenient, except it can be annoying when you don’t have anywhere safe to keep it. Of course, you could throw it in a cup holder, but then you can only listen to directions. Plus, you would be out a cup holder.

The Phone Vine Plus Vehicle Phone Mount gives you a secure place to keep your iPhone while driving. This unique car mount will definitely make navigation easier while you drive. And, for a limited time, it’s only $17.99 (regularly $48).

Mophie’s MagSafe car vent charger easily powers your iPhone on the road [Review]


Mophie Snap+ Wireless Vent Mount reviews
The Mophie Snap+ Wireless Vent Mount is unobtrusive but holds and charges an iPhone 12 well.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Mophie Snap+ Wireless Vent Mount uses Apple’s MagSafe system not only to recharge your iPhone but also let the handset magnetically cling to your car’s dash.

I did some road tests with it, as well as the Mophie Snap Vent Mount, a very similar device that doesn’t include wireless charging. Here’s how they performed.

Drive safer with one of these discount iPhone car mounts


These car mounts on sale will keep you and your iPhone safe
Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.
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Road trips are definitely surging in popularity as COVID-19 strangles air travel. But before you pack your favorite snacks and plan your sightseeing journey, you should be sure you have everything you need to stay safe on the road.

Your iPhone will most certainly be your command center when you pop your vehicle in drive, and any of these 10 car mounts can put it right where it needs to be. They all offer surefire ways to keep your iPhone in view without looking away from the road — and they’re all on sale.

Plus, you can keep your phone conveniently charged at all times, so you can stay connected while barreling down the highway.

Snag awesome stocking stuffers for the Apple fans in your life [Deals]


Pick up premium, portable tech gear for your loved ones, at massive discounts.
Pick up premium, portable tech gear for your loved ones, at massive discounts.
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Just like every year, the holidays hit us before we know it. So to make sure you aren’t caught without anything to offer the Apple fans and other tech types in your life, we’ve rounded up five great deals on stocking stuffers that are sure to please.

We’ve got ultra-tough charging cables, adapters to make any headphones wireless, high-end power bricks, and plenty more. Everything is discounted by a third or more!

Transform your phone into a full-fledged game console [Week’s Newest Deals]


Turn your iPhone into a legit gaming console, add a watchful Wi-Fi eye to your home, and lots more in this week's newest deals.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s hard to believe April is already halfway over. But you’d better believe we here at the Cult of Mac Store are still gathering together the best deals on gear and gadgets.

Our newest arrivals include a watchful Wi-Fi eye for your home or office, a smartphone mount that connects straight to your car’s air vent, a supercharged alternative to Search, and a kit for upgrading any phone into a portable gaming console. Every one of these deals is priced to move!

NKMOS Ultima: World’s Finest Universal Car Mount – On Sale [Deal-Ending Soon!]



I don’t know about where you live, but here in British Columbia holding your cell phone in your hand to talk or text while driving is a no-no. The “I was just answering my kids, officer.” doesn’t hold water either. Now hands free options are everywhere. I made sure my wife has a car mount in her car. So she can see who is calling or keep directions up on screen. We’ve gone through several options and you know they all break. Why? Because they can’t adapt to the fact that people keep their iPhones in cases.

I think we have a solution to that problem with the NKMOS Universal car mount.