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Paper app turns your iPad into a sketch book [50 Essential iOS Apps #47]


Cult of Mac logo poorly painted with Paper app
Paper by FiftyThree might not make you a good artist, but it does make it fun and easy.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: Paper app For the past several years, the iPad has served as a tool to digitize the analog world. Board games are now virtual, books are electronic, and with the art app Paper by FiftyThree, your sketches and artwork are turned digital. Thanks to the incredible touch interface of the iPad and Apple Pencil, the app makes your device feel like its analog counterpart.

Create A Custom High-Quality Canvas Print With CanvasPop [Deals]


CoM - CanvasPop 2

The more I travel, the more I take photos with my iPhone. I’m getting better at it with every trip, which means I’m getting results that might even be considered worthy enough to display on my wall at home. In the past I’ve taken my photos to brick-and-mortar shops that specialize in it – and their prices are just as “special” – which means that if a less costly way to get canvas prints came along I would be all over it.

Enter CanvasPop.

CanvasPop allows you to create your own 16″× 20″ print – and thanks to Cult of Mac Deals you can do so for only $49 – and that includes shipping within the continental USA and Canada. CanvasPop is even willing to throw in an extra $30 voucher for you to use on your next print.

Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Artwork With Instacanvas [Deals]


CoM - Instacanvas3rd

Ever post an Instagram that receives dozens or even hundreds of likes? If so, that sounds like it would be the perfect piece for your living-room that everyone is sure to love. With this Cult of Mac Deals offer, you can hang “insta-memories” on your wall with the professional-grade canvas options provided by Instacanvas – and you can do that starting at only $28!

STM Scout Tablet Bag: Tough as the Outback, More Pouches Than a Troop of Kangaroos [Review]



We reviwed the STM Velo earlier this year, in our first encounter with the Aussie-based outfitter, and came away with the distinct  impression that, wow, these guys really know how to make a great bag.

Our time with the STM Scout ($50), a tablet-specific, heavily-padded canvas satchel, proved that the outfit can make a sharp-looking protective bag for your Thrive, Galaxy Tab or iPad too — though it didn’t blow us away like the Velo did.

Waterfield’s Daily Outback Tote Can Carry All In The Urban Jungle [Review]



It seems a tad unfair to be reviewing Waterfield’s Daily Outback Tote in the height of summer. Mid-July on the East Coast is particularly unforgiving toward large, leather items. When the entire city seems to be melting, the last thing you want on your sweaty arm are two handles of thick, sumptuous hide.

But while the Outback may not be best when paired with seersucker, it would look incredible holding a thermos and a stadium blanket come fall. And an extra wool sweater. And an iPad. A few books, a picnic, and a pair of gloves, even. Oh, didn’t you know? The Outback can hold everything. It’s a contemporary interpretation of Mary Poppins’s carpet bag.

CanvasPop Prints Giant Canvases Of Your Instagram Photos [Review]


CanvasPop turns your iPhone photos into works of art.
CanvasPop turns your iPhone photos into works of art.

When the folks at CanvasPop emailed to tell me they wanted to print one of my Instagram photos onto a canvas and mail it to me, I felt a little like I was being stalked. They’d even picked out the photo ahead of time – one I took while I was testing out the excellent TIFF-shooting 645 Pro app.

Still, I wasn’t so creeped out that I wouldn’t send my address, so a week or so later a huge package arrived with the picture inside. And it’s pretty neat.

Remote Pad App Turns Your iPad Into A Canvas



The iPad seems a fairly small canvas, but it’s not much smaller than the Mona Lisa, upon which was painted the enigmatic face of history’s most beloved transvestite. Why not sling it up on an easel, then, and do some painting with Remote Palette… easily one of the neatest painting apps we’ve seen lately, largely through its fun cross-device universal functionality.