The Lowepro Flipside Protects Your DSLR While You Search The Forests For Bigfoot [Review]


flipside sport 15L
Because Bigfoot isn't going to photograph himself: Lowepro's Flipside Sport 15L

Few camera bags are built keep your camera gear safe while you hike, bike, and conquer the wilderness like the manly man that you are. But the Flipside Sport 15L All-Weather camera bag from Lowepro ($135) was designed to do exactly that, and comes standard with some tricks you won’t find on your everyday camera sack.

EOS 650Ds Turning White, Irritating Users


Some Rebel T4is are turning white and could cause allergic reactions.


Remember the first batch of white MacBooks? Their top panels would react with the grease from your hands and turn a disgusting, smoker’s-hair yellowish brown. Not only that, but the trim on the edges of the computer was prone to flaking off like mature plastic scabs.

Apple seems to have gotten on top of this kind of first-gen hardware problem, but Canon’s new Rebel T4i (EOS 650D) is doing a similar thing, only in the opposite direction: Its rubber coating is turning white, and leaking irritating substances as it does so.

How The Retina MacBook ‘Zebra’ Photo Was Made


Steve Bloom's zebra photo was shot on film with a Canon EOS 1N



One of Apple’s hallmarks is that it says “no” to way more products than it says “yes” to. And this kind of perfection is what also lead photographer Steve Bloom to capture the amazing photo of stampeding zebras which features in the promo shots for the new Retina MacBook Pro.

Not only was he shooting on film while on location in Botswana, he almost missed the shot entirely rather than capture something less than perfect.

The Phottix Odin Is One Of The Best DSLR Flash Triggers I’ve Ever Used [Review]


phottix odin
The brains of the operation: the Phottix Odin Transceiver

All great photographers know how to light well. And step one of good lighting is getting your flash off the top of your DLSR, where it sits and spews gross rays onto every one of your unfortunate victims, and onto a light stand where it belongs.

But how does one make a flash work when it’s not on the camera? The Phottix Odin Flash Trigger for Canon ($350) is up to the task, but that’s a major understatement. The Odin isn’t just another flash trigger system — it’s a Cadillac of features at a Honda price.

Using An SD Card In The Canon 5DMkIII Brings The Camera’s Speed To Its Knees



Relax -- don't do it. Photo illustration Jeff Cable

Got a super-fast Canon 5D MkIII? Love that you can just pop out the SD card and slide it straight into your Retina iPad via the camera connection kit? Not so fast – literally. Photographer Jeff Cable has done the math and found that the camera’s SD slot is slow, slow slow compared the the CF slot, and then it actually gets worse.

The Best Cameras [Best Of]



We know that you Cult of Mac readers are also a bunch of photo nerds, so we thought that this week’s best-of list could be about cameras. You’re iPhone might be great (and even makes it into this list) but sometimes you need something more powerful, more rugged or just plain better. Here’s our list of the best cameras out these.

Canon 650D Has Swinging Multi-Touch LCD Screen



A capacitive touch-screen makes this EOS closer to a cellphone than ever

Canon has announced a brand new video-shooting DSLR, the EOS 650D. This freaks me out a little bit as I used to sell the EOS 650 to people as a part of my Saturday job in a camera store. The 650 was a 35mm SLR that Canon made from 1987 to 1989, and it was the company’s first auto-focus SLR.

Back to today. The 650D has all that you’d expect from a modern camera, plus a swing-out touch-sensitive LCD screen.

Burned, Frozen And Thrown Down Stairs, The Canon 7D Keeps On Shooting [Video]


I have a love/hate relationship with destruction videos. Love because, well, who doesn’t love seeing how tough our gadgets really are? And hate because smashing up perfectly good items shows everything that is shameful and bad about our wasteful modern society.

So it is with mixed feelings that I bring you Kai W of DigitalRev TV and his series of ever-more-cruel ordeals for the Canon 7D SLR.

See The Softer Side Of Your DSLR’s Speedlite With The Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible [Review]



There are probably a thousand different flash-diffusing accessories out there that claim to transform your DSLR Speedlite’s sickly beam of photons into one that’s more soft’n’dreamy. Problem is, many portable diffusers are tricky to use, don’t work well, or both.

But the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible ($60), though it looks a little too much like a flash’s top hat, is surprisingly effective at softly lighting all that surrounds it.