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Last chance: Save 30% on Function 101 Cable Blocks


The magnetized cable blocks click together.
The magnetized cable blocks click together.
Photo: Function 101

Pretty much anyone with gear powered by electricity — like a computer setup — can tell you how pervasive a problem cable clutter can be. Dealing with cable management is nobody’s favorite task, though, so it often goes unaddressed. And yet certain products, like cable blocks, go a long way toward solving the thorny problem.

Function 101 Cable Blocks are perfect for keeping your cables neatly arranged and within reach, rather than splayed all over the place. And you can get them for 30% off today in the Cult of Mac Store. It’s the last day of the sale.

Tame cord spaghetti with Function 101’s Cable Blocks [Review]


Function 101 Cable Blocks cord management
Function 101's rubbery magnetic Cable Blocks are my favorite cord management system.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Almost every day, our robot vacuum tangles itself in charging cables, which the kids toss cavalierly across the floor. Snaking from behind the couch, the cords wait like baited fishing lines to ensnare our unsuspecting Roomba.

Luckily, we just got some Cable Blocks from Function 101. Cable Blocks are rubbery little magnetic blocks that sit on your desk or nightstand and hold cables out of the way.

It’s a simple and clever design. Here’s why Cable Blocks are my favorite cable-management system.

Colorful Cable Blocks will rid you of troublesome tangles


Cable management blocks
No more cable clutter.
Photo: Function101

Sick of seeing a sea of tangled cables on your desk or nightstand? Restore order with a four-pack of colorful Cable Blocks.

They’re weighted (not stuck down) so they can be easily repositioned whenever you like, and they’ll hold onto almost any cable to prevent it from mingling with others — or from falling off your table.

Last chance: Save 20% on the Button Remote for Apple TV and more from Function101


Function 101 Apple TV button remote
Bag yours for under $24.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Function101 is now offering 20% off select products purchased through the Cult of Mac Store.

Save on the brilliant Button Remote for Apple TV, which we just gave a glowing review, as well as the excellent BentoStack and Cable Blocks. The discount ends later today, so enjoy it while you can.