Swift is already one of the world’s most popular programming languages


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Swift use is on the rise.
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Apple’s new Swift programming language is being adopted even faster than anyone predicted.

In the latest TIOBE Index, which ranks the popularity of programming languages, Apple shot up from the 14th spot last year — and has already cracked the top 10. That may not sound too exciting, but considering all the other languages in the top 10 are at least two decades old, Swift is catching fire in a major way.


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iOS Development Makes Objective-C The Third Most Common Programming Language


iOS app development makes Objective-C one of the most popular programming languages.
iOS app development makes Objective-C one of the most popular programming languages.

According to a recent study, iPhone and iPad app development has a bigger learning than curve than any other mobile platform. It also costs developers more in terms of time and expenses to develop an iOS app than to create an Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone app.

Despite those challenges, iOS has boosted the popularity of Objective-C, the programming language used by Apple for both Mac and iOS development – making it the third most popular language with developers.