Fans aren’t happy with Apple’s changes for the 2016 MacBook Pro


Custom keys for Photoshop.
Some MacBook Pro users aren't interested in an OLED touchpad.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is expected to introduce a massive MacBook Pro redesign later this year, and photos recently published by Cult of Mac all but confirm it will feature an OLED touchpad and USB-C connectivity.

But it seems the company will have to win some fans over first, because many aren’t happy about these changes.

Microsoft hopes to finally topple Apple with trippy robot butterfly



It’s easy to poke fun at Microsoft when it comes up with its own knockoff version of an Apple’s long-awaited iWatch, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or pretty much any other innovation in the company’s history. However, when it comes up with its own ideas, it kind of makes us think that “thinking different” isn’t really in Microsoft’s DNA at all.

According to a recently filed patent application, Redmond’s latest Apple slaying idea is for something Apple hasn’t expressed any apparent interest in: a mood changing/health device in the form of a robotic butterfly. Yes, really.

Experts Predict Larger 5-Inch Display For iPhone 6… Again


How a larger iPhone 6 might look by Martin Hajek.
How a larger iPhone 6 might look by Martin Hajek.

If you switched from an iPhone to an Android-powered smartphone because you felt a 4-inch display was just too small, then Apple may give you a reason to switch back next year. Several industry experts are predicting that the Cupertino company will step up its pursuit of high-end Android smartphones by finally introducing a larger 5-inch display with the iPhone 6.