Matrix-like gadget lets you snap ‘bullet-time’ selfies


bullet time selfie video gadget
Wingo Pro lets you shoot video with the bullet time effect on a budget.
Photo: Wingo Pro

Your vanity for selfies is limited only by your technology. Now it’s time to add 360-degree selfie videos, like the slow-motion variety made famous by the movie The Matrix.

But those scenes from the cult classic required a circular array of more than 100 cameras. A bizarre gadget on Kickstarter will help you get the effect with a single GoPro camera.

Apple gets experimental in new iPhone XR ad


iPhone XR Spectrum ad
The new iPhone XR ad is crazy.
Photo: Apple

Apple is pulling out a Matrix-move for its new iPhone XR ad that features some of the wildest videography the company has ever put out.

Using a bullet time video rig mounted with 32 iPhone XRs, Apple showcases the low-light shooting powers of the iPhone XR. And boy is it mesmerizing.

You’ll want to watch this on your iPhone: