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Get the tools to host, build and optimize your website for life [Deals]


Get your website off the ground and drive traffic to it with Dragify
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Getting a website going takes a lot of work. First, you need a place to host it. Then, you need to actually build the thing. And you definitely need to optimize your site for SEO so people actually can find it.

That’s a lot, but with this bundle you get all of the above — for life!

Last Chance To Grab Sandvox – The Easy Website Creator [Deals]


CoM - Sandvox

Websites are looking better and better every day. You can’t just get by with one that doesn’t appeal to the eye both with the content and the design. But not everyone is a designer — and not everyone can afford one either.

Enter Sandvox, which allows users to create websites using their Mac simply and easily. And we’re about to wrap up a deal that offers you Sandvox at a 50% discount!

Last Day For The WordPress Express Course [Deals]



If you’ve been looking to build a pristine — and profitable — WordPress site, we’ve got a great deal for you here at Cult of Mac that is set expire in just a few short hours. Today’s the last day to pick up The WordPress Express Course from Cult of Mac Deals so that you can acquire all the skills you need to build a killer WordPress site right away. And it’s available for only $79 while this offer stands.

That’s right…for only $79 this video course will end up saving you thousands of dollars. So if you don’t have that must-have website up and running yet, there’s no time like the present to get that going!

Giveaway – Win Over $900 Worth Of Cult Of Mac Video Tutorials! [Deals]



It’s the time of year where we start to remove clutter from our lives and get some serious spring cleaning done. That doesn’t just mean what’s visible in your home and office, but the stuff inside your computer — and your head as well. It’s time to take some of those ideas you have or those projects you’ve started and see them through to completion — or toss them out completely. Ands no one really likes to do the latter unless they simply don’t have the tools and time to get the job done.

Well, if you’ve been yearning to create that awesome iPhone app or game, been itching to put together that WordPress site that converts clicks into cash and have that business you’ve been wanting to start but don’t have the resources you think you need….we’ve got a chance for you to take care of all of that. That’s because we are offering you a chance to win 4 of our video tutorial courses courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals. These courses are valued at over $900!

Blog To Impress With The WordPress Express Course [Deals]



WordPress is one of the best content management systems around. Not only does it give you oodles of control on your own domain, complete with customizable theming and plugins – but it is one of the simplest ones to use out there. It’s a tool that has helped entrepreneurs, bloggers, and businesses create over 70 million websites. And you can build and create an online presence in no time flat with it.

That said, while it is easy to put together a WordPress site getting users to come to it is a whole other ball game. That’s why having a few “insider secrets” in your bag of tricks would be a very wise move. While WordPress doesn’t involve coding a site from scratch – that’s the beauty of it – you do still need to know where to start.

The first place to start: Pick up the latest bundle from Cult of Mac Deals and get all the skills you need to build a killer WordPress site today for only $79!

Last Day For The Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle [Deals]



When you put off going to the gym, the results get put off as well. In some cases, they don’t even happen at all because of the delay. Bootcamps are no different — except you can see the results much faster because of how they are so jam-packed with activity. The more you put in, the better the results — but you will see results of varying degrees just by taking part in the bootcamp.

The same can be said for the Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle, which is one of our Cult of Mac Deals that ends…today. (You had to know that a deal on a course that is selling for 60% off had to end at some point, right?)

Build Better Websites With The Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle [Deals]



No matter what type of bootcamp you take, you’re bound to get something out of it. Mind you, most these bootcamps involve some sort of physical development — which is one type of levelling up that you can (and should) get yourself into. But the latest Cult of Mac deal wants to help you level up your web development skills, and that’s where the Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle comes in.

This Web Development Bootcamp is filled with 7 comprehensive chapters of valuable content that will teach you 9 different types of programming languages for what it would cost you for just one new web development textbook. Usually this course sells for $199 — but for 1 week only it’s just $79!