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Limited-edition Mac app bundle is only $18 for a little bit longer


This Mac app bundle includes top-rated Mac apps.
Unlock your Mac's true potential with the dozen apps included in this wildly discounted bundle.
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Tired of staring at the same old Mac apps? Spice things up a bit with The Complete Limited Edition Mac Bundle, and get ready to geek out over these life-changing productivity and creativity apps.

For less than $18, it  gives you 12 Mac apps that would cost more than $1,000 if purchased separately.

Snatch these essential apps for an extra 40% off


These will unleash your iPhone and Mac.
Right now, you can save an extra 40% on these nine must-have apps.
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With the sheer number of security tools and productivity-boosting apps on the market, it can be difficult to sift through the chaff and find the best ones to purchase. But we did the hard work for you with this roundup of nine premium utility, security and entertainment apps for Mac, iOS and other platforms. Plus, with coupon code VIP40, you can save an extra 40% off their already-reduced sale prices.

Most of these deals offer lifetime subscriptions. Act quickly, though, because the deals themselves will only be around for a limited time.

Free up space on your Mac with BuhoCleaner


If your Mac's running low on storage, you can quickly turn things around with BuhoCleaner.

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This Mac software post is brought to you by BuhoCleaner.

Macs have always been known for their stability and ease of use. But even the most perfect operating system can collect a few cobwebs or start to feel slow after years of use. BuhoCleaner for Mac is designed to clear out the junk and get your Mac back in fighting shape in just a few clicks.

Clean your Mac’s hard drive with this top-rated app, now just $10


Make your Mac run faster than ever with this top-rated clean up app
This top-rated cleanup app will make your Mac run at lightning-fast speed.
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Is your Mac running a little sluggishly? Or, has it filled up with useless cache and apps over time? It happens to all of us. While you might think it’s time to buy a whole new Mac, in reality, you probably just need to clean up the junk that’s slowing yours down. 

You can do that and speed up your Mac instantly with the easy-to-use BuhoCleaner for Mac. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to a family plan, which covers three Macs, for the special price of just $9.99 — that’s a 66% discount off the regular price of $29. 

Get that new Mac feeling with a lifetime sub to this cleaner app


This new mac cleaning app will reclaim free storage
This new Mac cleaning app frees up storage in a snap.
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When you spend so much time on your Mac, it’s inevitable that its performance can suffer. Rather than trying to manually delete files or tweak your system, give BuhoCleaner for Mac a try.

It can optimize your Mac’s performance — and we’ve got a hot deal on a lifetime subscription to BuhoCleaner’s family plan.