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5 reasons to watch Home Before Dark [Review]


Home Before Dark
Apple's flawed but engrossing Home Before Dark makes a strong enough case that a second season is a good idea.
Photo: Apple TV+

True-ish crime show Home Before Dark, about an intrepid cub reporter who’s always late to class, is the latest Apple TV+ streaming option available to quarantined Americans. Is it any good?

Here’s a quick guide to the pleasures of the show.

Flowboard, Flipboard Embroiled In Trademark Infringement Clash


iOS icon for Flipboard on the left, Flowboard to the right.

Flowboard. Flipboard. Look too similar? The people behind the Flipboard app certainly think so.

Brent Brookler, CEO of Treemo and creator of e-publishing iPad app Flowboard, says Flipboard has been threatening him with legal action since shortly after his app launched back in April, asking him to change the name of his app. Flipboard also wants the logo changed, which they say is also too similar to its own logo.