Runkeeper’s Breeze Is A Beautifully Designed Step-Tracking App


Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 7.21.43 AM

As a guy running upwards of seven miles a day to get in shape for his imminent nuptials, Runkeeper is my favorite exercise tracking app, but you have to consciously remember to use it. But Runkeeper now has a new trick up its sleeve: Breeze, an activity tracker that taps into your iPhone 5s’s M7 motion processor to subtly guide you into living a more active life.

Breeze Window Manager [Giveaway]



Let’s face it, windows can get out of control. Lost windows off the side of the screen, clutter, window positions… Or this situation, you’re working on a project where you’re taking screenshots or doing a screencast of something. You can’t finish all at once and have to come back to it. Now, how do you think you’ll get the windows back exactly the way they were before?

Oh you can try to do in manually—and wind up pulling out your hair—or you can pick up today’s giveaway Breeze. Usually this is a (well worth it) $8 app, but right now you can grab it for free (which is exactly what I’ll be doing in short order).

If you want to see how it all works before you grab the app, check out the Autumn Apps site and watch the screencast (they had me in the first minute).

Keep Your Windows Where You Want ‘Em with Breeze [OS X Tips]


Breeze States

Are you one of those highly organized people who have their computer windows set up just right, each one pixel-perfect aligned to each other and the edges of the monitor screen? Yeah, me neither.

For those of you who are,though, or who just like to be able to set things up the way you like them and have them stay that way, there’s a Mac app to do just that.