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Circulous is the mind-twisting puzzle game from one of Apple’s favorite teen devs [Updated]


Puzzle game is available for pre-order today.
Photo: Chain Reaction Games

Update: Circulous launched in the App Store today, priced $4.99.

Like point-and-click adventures? Enjoy escape room puzzles? Then you’ll love Circulous — or so its 16-year-old creator Brayden Gogis hopes.

If your response to a teen creating an iOS game is “how good could it really be?” the answer is pretty darn great. Gogis has been developing games for iOS for several years, and his previous titles won kudos from Cupertino itself. Apple even referred to him as the “high school puzzle master.” Circulous is the title he’s most proud of. Check out a trailer below.

Apple’s exclusive WWDC jackets feature an awesome emoji pattern


WWDC 2020 jacket design is covered with emojis. From a distance, it looks like a plaid pattern.
From a distance it looks like a plaid pattern.
Photo: Brayden Gogis

WWDC 2020 The exclusive WWDC 2020 jackets that Apple sent to winners of its Swift Student Challenge feature a nifty plaid pattern made of emojis.

Brayden Gogis, a 16-year-old game developer who lives in Indianapolis, is one of 350 winners in this year’s youth coding competition. He described the experience of unwrapping his Apple prize package — and gave us a closer look at the unique emoji pattern.