Get an easy view of hard-to-reach places with the Sinji Borescope


This iPhone photo accessory lets you capture incredible macro imagery, even in hard-to-reach locations.
Photo: Sinji

Macro lenses capture close-up photos that offer a completely different worldview. Just think of how a close-up of a leaf reveals an intricate system of veins. But while these popular iPhone photo accessories are ideal for creating captivating art, there are situations where you may need a close-up view of a hard-to-reach place for a less uplifting reason.

To see inside a blocked drain pipe or get a better look at a tiny, malfunctioning machine part, you’ll need a macro-powered lens with incredible reach. That’s what the Sinji Borescope delivers. Available in 2-meter5-meter and 10-meter lengths, this handy borescope is the perfect tool for when you need an impossibly close perspective.