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Colgate and Oral-B smart toothbrushes talk to your iPhone for better brushing


Oral-B iO smart toothbrush has a redesigned brush head.
A redesigned brush head on the Oral-B iO is just one of its improvements.
Photo: Proctor & Gamble

CES 2020It’s easy to mock smart toothbrushes, but most people don’t have very good dental hygiene. High-tech solutions like Colgate’s Plaqless Pro or Oral-B iO might be able to help by giving users feedback with an iPhone application.

Both toothbrushes were honored at CES 2020, with Colgate’s even earning the Best of Innovation award for Health and Beauty.

Bluetooth toothbrushes take the boredom out of brushing


Toothbrush technology has come to your mobile. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Oral-B's app takes some of the guesswork, and the tedium, out of brushing your teeth. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

LAS VEGAS — Want to avoid gingivitis and tooth decay? There’s an app for that. More than one, actually, and they work with Bluetooth-equipped toothbrushes to help ensure you’re properly cleaning your choppers.

Cult_of_Mac_CES_2015 The app for Oral-B’s electric Bluetooth toothbrushes is designed to develop good brushing habits and keep your teeth healthy.

“We have a product that will work — if you use it,” Oral-B rep Kris Parlett told Cult of Mac during International CES.

Bluetooth Toothbrush Helps You Reach Those Hard-To-Clean Areas [CES 2014]



CES 2014 bugLast year we featured the Bluetooth fork that vibrates when it thinks you’re overating — and this year’s wackiest CES unveiling so far goes to the Bluetooth toothbrush (Bluetoothbrush?).

Shown off for the first time at a preview event on Sunday, the toothbrush (made by French startup Kolibree) aims “to reinvent oral care” — according to company co-founder Loic Cessot.