There’s a secret message in Apple’s iPhone 11 event supercut


Apple 2019 Fall press event invitation
Apple included a binary code in its two-minute keynote supercut.
Photo: Apple

Apple isn’t into Easter Eggs in the way that it once was. But in its two-minute supercut rundown of this week’s iPhone 11 event, it includes an amusing one.

On six frames of the video, there’s a flashed image that suspiciously resembles Microsoft’s dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.” But while a swipe at Microsoft would be enough to make many long-time Apple fans nostalgic, there’s also a hidden message written in binary.

Windows Phone’s Black Screen Of Death Tells You To ‘Insert Installation Disk’ [Image]



Microsoft’s Windows operating system is often mocked for its blue screen of death, the dreaded error message that appears on an all-too-often basis when attempting to work the computer too hard. And now it seems the company’s Windows Phone platform has a nasty error message of its own.

This particular error message, spotted on the HTC 8X, rather hilariously asks you to “insert your Windows installation disk” and “repair your computer” to continue.