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When You Use iTunes, You Agree Not To Design & Develop Nuclear Weapons



Often times when you install a new piece of software on your Mac, you’re presented with a lengthy end user license agreement that you must agree to before you can use the application. You’re supposed to read it, but none of us ever do because they’re incredibly boring and long-winded.

But the iTunes end user license agreement gets particularly interesting towards the end, where it stipulates that you must agree not to design and develop nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.


The ReeCharge Case Helps Transform Your iPhone Into A Cycling Computer [Review]


Take your iPhone along for the ride in the ReeCharge Case
Take your iPhone along for the ride in the ReeCharge Case

If you’re more than a casual cyclist, you might’ve considered buying a bike computer to track the details of your rides. But did you know, if you own an iPhone, you’re only one cycling app away from already owning the bicycle computer you so desire.

But you’re also going need a way to keep your new iComputer mounted to your handle bars during those long rides; and that’s where the excellent ReeCharge Case ($100) from BioLogic comes in.

Meet Biologic, The Strangest, Cutest Social Networking App Around [Review]


My Twitter stream. No, didn't know it looked like that either

Biologic is a – hmm, what is it exactly? It’s hard to describe. It’s not a Twitter client, although you can see Twitter with it. It’s not a Facebook client either, but your Facebook friends are all here if you want them to be. So what is it? The people who made it say it’s a “playful environment for exploring your friends’ activity streams from your favorite social networks.” Yeah, that covers it.