The iNuke Boom iPod Dock Is So Big You’ll Need A Forklift To Move It [CES 2012]


iBoom Nuke

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 — One trend we weren’t expecting to see at CES was the enormous amount of ultra-portable speakers every company is trying to sell. The type that look like a soda can cut in half that pops up to reveal a speaker that has the magical “unparalleled sound quality” all their makers brag about. For over twenty years Behringer has produced professional audio products, but have only recently decided to enter the consumer space. So what does a high-quality audio company do to make themselves stand out in a market saturated with mediocre speaker products? Make a really really nice ultra-portable speaker? WRONG! They go and create the biggest iPod Dock ever that makes those minature docks look miserably insignificant.

700 Pound iNuke Boom iPhone Speaker Dock Uses 10,000W To Make Your Head Explode



Not happy with your iPhone’s tinny speaker? If you’ve got 30 G’s to help solve the problem, BEHRINGER is ready to sell you the biggest, baddest iPhone/iPod speaker dock this side of Mount Olympus: the iNuke Boom, a 700 pound monster speaker system measuring 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall that can output up to 10,000 watts of sound.

Holy crap. That thing will have you sneezing skeleton. The iNuke Boom isn’t available quite yet, but it’ll be on display at CES 2012. We’ll make sure to stop by BEHRINGER’s booth then and see how many fillings we can knock out of their sockets with the iNuke then.