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Grab and go with new fast-charging EcoFlow portable power stations


The three new portable power stations charge quickly and last a long time, EcoFlow said.
The three new portable power stations charge quickly and last a long time, EcoFlow said.
Photo: EcoFlow

EcoFlow rolled out three new River 2 series power stations Tuesday. The under-1kWh devices charge to 80% as fast as 48 minutes and offer a long life, making them cost-effective for on-the-go uses like camping as well as home power backup, the company said.

Bluetti jacks up the portable power with new flagship solar station


The Bluetti AC500 delivers power however you need it, thanks to 16 versatile output ports.
The AC500 delivers power however you need it, thanks to 16 versatile output ports.
Image: Bluetti

This post is brought to you by Bluetti.

Do you dream of achieving power independence? Whether that means living off the grid or just keeping your home lit when the power goes out, Bluetti’s got a new, top-of-the-line solar power station for you.

Just last year the company put out its modular AC300 solar station and B300 battery module combo. Now it’s back with a worthy successor — the even more powerful AC500 and B300S combo.

Recharge anywhere with Bluetti’s new ultraportable solar power station


Take your tune and everything else outside. Way outside.
Take your tunes and everything else outside. Way outside.
Photo: Bluetti

This solar power station post is brought to you by Bluetti.

Here’s some good news for campers and RV enthusiasts, as well as anyone who likes to have ready backup power. Bluetti jolted CES 2022 with news in January it would soon launch its ultraportable power station EB3A Solar Generator with 268Wh capacity and 600W inverter. Well, now that time has come.

The company said the lightweight EB3A power station and an available solar input that lets you stay powered up almost anywhere will go on sale June 14.

And even better, an early bird price could get you 23% off!

Batteries Widget for Mac keeps tabs on your devices’ battery levels


Batteries widget for mac
A batteries widget. For you Mac.
Photo: Rony Fadel

See if you can guess what the new Batteries Widget for Mac app does. That’s right. It adds an iOS-style battery widget to the Mac’s Today panel, in the Notification Center. Anytime your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac, its battery level will show up in the widget.

You will get low-battery notifications when your devices start to run out of juice. Plus, the app shows battery levels for trackpads, AirPods and so on.

This is the handiest travel battery you can buy [Review]


As battery packs go, this one looks pretty good.
As battery packs go, this one looks pretty good.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The ZMI PowerPack 20000 is the most useful backup battery you can buy. It packs a huge, 20,000mAh battery that can power a MacBook and two other devices at the same time. Plus, you can quick charge it via USB. And it can even work as a USB data hub.

This 14.29-ounce (405 gram) brick might be overkill for daily juicing of your iPhone, but for everything else it’s amazing.

US bans fliers from bringing batteries on passenger planes as cargo


Hawaiian Airlines
You'll have to bring batteries in your carry-on now.
Photo: Hawaiian Airlines

The US Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration is making it a little bit harder for fliers to haul lithium-ion batteries to new destinations.

Under new rules revealed today, passengers are banned from storing lithium-ion cells or batteries on cargo during commercial flights. There’s also a new ban that prevents companies from shipping batteries with more than 30 percent charge on cargo-only flights.

Mophie’s new powerstations bring super-fast USB-C charging


mophone powerstation USB-C battery
New mophie powerstation batteries, including this one, have a USB-C and a USB-A port.
Photo: mophie/Zagg

mophie just unveiled a pair of external batteries designed to supply up to 18W of power. They can give recent iPhone models up to a 50 percent charge in half an hour.

This is possible because the new powerstation PD and PD XL each have a USB-C port, enabling them to transfer more power than older USB-A ports.

Apple batteries could get a whole lot more powerful


Apple batteries
Even Apple batteries wear out, but longer-lived ones are close to release.
Photo: Apple

A new type of battery promises 20 percent to 40 percent more storage capacity. Even better, one of the companies behind the research has ties to Apple, so the improved lithium-silicon batteries are likely to show up in iPhone and iPad.

How to disable iOS 11.3’s new battery Performance Management feature


Next time you complain about Apple battery conspiracy theories, imagine how life would be if your iPhone ran on AAs.
Photo: James Almond/Flickr CC

Ever since Apple introduced a measure to stop iPhones from unexpectedly shutting down in iOS 11, politicians and other morons have jumped on the story to gin up publicity for themselves. Now, thanks to their efforts, Apple has added a control that lets you switch off iOS 11’s Performance Management.

If you do switch it off, then your iPhone will stop slowing performance when the battery is too weak to supply enough power, and instead you can again face unexpected shutdowns. Here’s how.