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Qualcomm: Apple ‘Should Be Embarrassed’ By Its Patent Approach



Qualcomm, the company that manufactures Apple’s baseband chips for iOS devices, has slammed the Cupertino company in an official ITC filing over its response to questions regarding the availability of injunctive relief over SEPs and criteria for FRAND royalty rates.

Qualcomm says Apple’s thoughts on the subject are a “sham,” that the company “should be ashamed of itself.”

Motorola Triumphs Over Apple To Secure Online Ban On Selected iOS Devices



Apple has been forced to cease online sales of its iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and 3G-equipped iPad 2 in Germany after Motorola triumphed over the Cupertino company in a Mannheim court, securing an injunction against several of its 3G devices. Those affected are no longer available to purchase from Apple’s online store, though they can still be obtained from its retail stores.

UltraSn0w Unlock is Almost Ready for iOS 4.3.1



An update to the ultrasn0w unlocking tool that will fix bugs with the latest version of iOS is nearly ready to go public. Dev-Team member MuscleNerd revealed on Twitter yesterday that all issues with the 4.3.1 firmware are now fixed, and that the unlock will be go live after some testing.

The new version of ultrasn0w will not unlock new basebands, however – it’s purely for users that have already performed the hack on their device and wish to retain the unlock when they update to iOS 4.3.1.

When it’s ready, ultrasn0w will be available to download through Cydia. Users updating to 4.3.1 will need to use the latest version of PwnageTool (Mac) or Sn0wBreeze (Windows) to preserve their baseband.

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Report: Qualcomm Will Supply Baseband Chips For Next-Gen iPhone and iPad



Recent reports coming out of China that Intel might not have much more time as the exclusive supplier of 3G chipsets for the iPhone and iPad wouldn’t be reason to start expecting a new iPhone coming to a Verizon outlet near you by themselves, but when those reports also peg Qualcomm as Intel’s baseband successor and the possibility of a CDMA iPhone (and iPad!) starts looking a lot more plausible.

iOS 4.1 Beta 2 Fixes iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Issues



Apple appears to have fixed the widely-reported iPhone 4 proximity sensor issue in the latest iOS 4.1 beta 2 update.

The latest beta also includes a baseband update (AT&T 7.1), which seems to fix HSUPA upload speed issues, which slowed video and photo uploads to a crawl.

Despite reports to the contrary, our tests show that the proximity sensor issue appears to be have been fixed. (MacRumors says the issue hasn’t been addressed).

In numerous tests, I couldn’t get my iPhone 4 to hang up a call. Previously, the iPhone was plagued with proximity sensor issues. It would constantly hang up calls when I held the phone next to my cheek.

But after installing the iOS 4.1 beta 2 update this afternoon, I couldn’t force the iPhone to hang up calls when lifting it up to my face, no matter how hard I tried.

I stress that the issue only seems to have been fixed. I could of course be wrong. Apple hasn’t yet documented what is in the latest beta update.