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Bangkok’s Apple Central World may be the most spectacular Apple store yet


Apple Central World 3
New Apple Store looks similar to the iconic Steve Jobs Theater.
Photo: Apple

Apple opened its second and largest retail location in Thailand Friday. Located in Bangkok’s famous Ratchaprasong, the new store is spectacular even by the high standards of existing Apple Stores.

“In December, I visited the team in Bangkok as construction was underway, and I know they can’t wait to help our customers and to share this special space with the whole community,” Tim Cook tweeted in celebration.

Look inside Apple’s first store in Thailand


Apple store bangkok
The outside of the new Bangkok store.
Photo: Apple

One of the most popular countries in South East Asia for American tourists is finally getting its first Apple store.

Apple is set to open the doors of its Bangkok store in Thailand on Saturday, offering Apple’s first-ever official sales channel in the country for the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR and the Apple Watch Series 4. Ahead of the launch, Apple shared a few shots of the interior and it looks both simple and grand.

Apple’s first Thailand store looks absolutely stunning


Spin9 Apple Store Bangkok 1
Well, that certainly makes a good first impression!
Photo: Spin9

Apple has confirmed that its first retail store in Thailand will open next month in Bangkok — and it looks absolutely spectacular. If Apple’s goal was to make a strong impression from day one, we can safely say this: Mission accomplished.

The new store is part of the ambitious Iconsiam complex on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Along with Apple’s debut retail store in the country, Iconsiam is home to two shopping malls, a department store, 3,000-seat auditorium, amusement park, fitness center, and residential buildings.

iPhone owner charged after punching employee over ‘faulty’ Face ID


Michael Cohen Face ID
Shocking incident took place in Bangkok, Thailand.
Photo: Apple

A 23-year-old iPhone X customer in Bangkok has apologized after a shocking video of him punching a female retail store employee in the face went viral on social media.

The customer, called Kritpan Kitjit, supposedly became enraged after claiming his iPhone X’s Face ID feature did not work correctly. Kitjit demanded a replacement handset, but was denied due to the fact that the complaint didn’t hold up to inspection.

Find My iPad leads police to gang of armed robbers


iPad mini 4
Gang will have plenty of time to think about their mistakes behind bars.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

From reuniting families separated by a California wildfire to tracking down kidnapping victims, there are plenty of high drama stories concerning Apple’s location-tracking Find My iPhone/iPad feature for iOS.

Well, you can add one more to the list — as police in Bangkok recently captured a violent armed gang responsible for a string of vicious robberies in the country’s northern region — all thanks to their ill-advised decision to steal an iPad mini with the feature enabled.

Kind taxi driver travels two hours to return lost iPhone


iPhone 6s
It's nice to hear about acts of kindness like this.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

A self-driving Apple Car may not yet be a reality, but that didn’t stop a Bangkok taxi driver from travelling two hours to return a passenger’s lost iPhone, which they had left in the back of his taxi cab.

“On my birthday on Wednesday just before midnight, [the driver] showed up at my hotel to return my phone. He’s a badass good guy,” said grateful iPhone owner Fraser Morton, after being reunited with his handset.