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NFL player hands out Apple Watches to his teammates


Apple Watch
A gift worth taking a tackle for.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Quarterbacks and running backs will often reward their offensive linemen with gifts, but veteran NFL Baltimore Ravens punter Sam Koch recently gave out a particularly welcome high-tech pressie to his teammates — when he handed out Apple Watches.

Samsung Actually Made A Good Galaxy Ad Thanks To Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd [Video]



No, that headline isn’t wrong — Samsung has actually made a Galaxy commercial for the Super Bowl that doesn’t such. It features Knocked Up stars Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, who play two writers pitching ideas for Samsung’s next commercial to Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk.

It doesn’t mock other companies or rival devices, and it’s actually pretty hilarious. Check it out below.

Denver Broncos Become Third NFL Team To Go All-iPad For Playbooks


Broncos opt for iPad/PlayerLync app combo (photo by Denver Post)
Broncos opt for iPad-PlayerLync app combo (photo by Denver Post)

Over the past two years, the iPad has shown up in a wide variety of workplaces. Some of those iPad at work are areas the come immediately to mind like salespeople using iPads to demo solutions and prepare quotes on the fly. Other places are ones that you might never expect like large combines in industrial agriculture.

One of the most recent employers to embrace the iPad is the Denver Broncos. The football team will replace its existing paper playbooks with iPads.