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The Original Angry Birds Gets 15 New Levels, Goes Free For The First Time Ever



Rovio’s original Angry Birds game for iOS has today been updated with 15 new Bad Piggies levels, and is now available for free for the first time ever on both iPhone and iPad. The incredibly popular title was first introduced to the iPhone back in December 2009, and it’s been priced at $0.99 ever since.

But if you’re not one of the many millions who have already downloaded it, now is the perfect time to grab it.

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: The Magazine, Taskbox, Recall & More [Roundup]


Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 09.06.54

Kicking off this week’s must-have apps roundup is a brand new Newsstand publication that’s “loosely about technology,” from Instapaper developer Marco Arment. We also have an awesome new email client that turns items in your inbox into tasks and to-dos, a great little iPhone app for remembering recommendations, the ultimate unarchiver, and more.

Rovio’s Bad Piggies Is Now… An iPad Cookbook?!


Yup. That's a real thing.
Yup. That's a real thing.

Say what you want about Rovio, that Finnish firm sure knows how to milk a good cow. It’s been nearly three years since Angry Birds made its debut on iOS, and since then we’ve seen a handful of sequels reaching numerous platforms — plus the spin-off, Bad Piggies — Angry Birds plushes and toys, costumes, books, amusement park attractions, snacks, and even an Angry Birds cartoon (coming soon).

Now Rovio is tackling… cookbooks! Announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair today, Bad Piggies’ Best Egg Recipes is a new interactive cookbook packed full of egg recipes that’s available now on the iPad.

Angry Birds Series Still Sees More Than 200 Million Active Users A Month


Those Angry Birds are still flying high.

It’s been nearly three years since Rovio’s first Angry Birds game made its debut on iOS devices, and you might have thought that interest in the series may have died down a little in that time. But you’d be very wrong indeed. According to the Finnish firm, Angry Birds games still see more than 200 million active users every single month.

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: FIFA 13, Bad Piggies, Lili & More [Roundup]


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FIFA 13 kicks off this week’s must-have games roundup, delivering a much-improved version of everyone’s favorite soccer sim. In addition to new visuals and optimization for the iPhone 5, FIFA 13 finally boasts an online multiplayer mode, allowing you to play against friends and random opponents over the Internet.

We also have Rovio’s latest release, Bad Piggies; a stunning adventure RPG called Lili, a new Monsters Ate My Condo game, and more.

Rovio’s Bad Piggies Finally Comes To Android, iOS, Mac & PC


I know what I'm doing this weekend.

Millions of us have spent many hours trying to eliminate those pesky green pigs in Rovio’s Angry Birds series, but now it’s time to switch teams. Rovio just released Bad Piggies on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC. And for the first time ever you’re joining the pigs on their mission to steal as many eggs as they can get their hooves on.

Gameplay For Rovio’s Bad Piggies Exposed In Latest Teaser Trailer



It looks like those little green hamlets have been filling their noggins with all sorts of engineering tidbits. Armed with nothing more than a few spare parts and ingenuity, these Bad Piggies are set to take off and conquer Android, iOS, PC and Mac come September 27. Rovio has teased us once or twice already, but this is the first time we get to see the actual gameplay of this upcoming Angry Birds spin-off.

Rovio’s Slingshot-Free Bad Piggies Set To Launch For Android And iOS On September 27



It’s time to see what it’s like to live in the shoes cloven hooves of the egg stealing piggies responsible for making birds quite angry. Millions of adorable green swine have been mercilessly slaughtered for simply trying to feed their families. They’ve tried protecting themselves with hardhats, makeshift houses, and have even gone as far as to leave their gravity loving homes in favor of the cold darkness of space. No matter what they do or where they go, there always seems to be a giant slingshot waiting to blast an Angry Bird at their hide. That all ends this month, with the release of Bad Piggies for Android and iOS.

Something Pig Is Coming!



The “bad piggies” have something diabolical planned, and whatever it is, it’s PIG, erm… BIG! They’ve started their social networking campaign and even “Haz a Facebook.” Now we’ve got a teaser video of what appears to be an incoming spin-off to the Angry Birds phenomenon. Perhaps it’s time for the pigs to finally have their day. We’re just going to have to wait and see, for now, here’s the teaser video.