Back up more of your Mac with Samsung’s new terabyte SSD


Samsung Portable SSD T3 CES 2016
Bigger, faster, better.
Photo: Samsung

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverage If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve got a nice Mac with plenty of video, photos, and apps on it. Time Machine is a fantastic way to keep your stuff all backed up and safe, so you’ll need a high-capacity drive to do that with.

Samsung’s new external solid state drive (SSD), called the T3, has the capacity of multiple terabytes to keep more of your data backed up and the speed to make it easy.

“Following the successful worldwide launch of the Portable SSD T1 in 2015, we made several significant upgrades to the T3 based on the feedback and needs of our customers, which included content creators and business professionals in particular,” said Samsung’s Un-Soo Kim in a statement.

Unhappy customer sues Apple for deleting his iPhone photos


The Regent Street store looks all new on the inside.
Staff at the Regent Street Apple Store accidentally deleted 15 years' contacts and photos.
Photo: Apple

A 68-year-old pensioner is suing Apple for “[wiping] away his life” after staff at the Regent Street Apple Store in London accidentally deleted his photos and contacts while fixing his iPhone 5.

Londoner Deric White lost photos from his honeymoon, along with 15 years’ worth of contact numbers.

A year of unlimited access to Backblaze — killer of cloud storage [Deals]


Backblaze offers safe, fast backup across their massive server infrastructure at unbeatable prices.
Backblaze offers safe, fast backup across their massive server infrastructure at unbeatable prices.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Backblaze launched in 2007, accruing hard drives and building out a backup capacity of what amounts to some 150 petabytes of data on its servers. They’ve since become one of the most trusted providers of backup, with prices that beat out even Amazon’s impressively prices S3 service. How much cheaper? Right now you can get a year of unlimited backup on Backblaze for $24.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Save 88% on a lifetime of cloud backup from Skyhub[Deals]


SkyHub offers an easy way to get a lifetime of backup with a terabyte of cloud storage.
SkyHub offers an easy way to get a lifetime of backup with a terabyte of cloud storage.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A terabyte is a huge chunk of digital real estate, likely enough to keep your whole computer backed up for years. Mechanical hard drives don’t always last for years though, which is why adding a cloud-based backup is key to keeping your digital stuff safe. Right now’s a good time to do it — SkyHub is offering lifetime access to 1TB of cloud storage for just $49.99.

How to transfer all your data to your new iPhone 6 the right way



You can use iCloud or iTunes to transfer your entire mobile system from your old iPhone to your new one. It’s a clumsy, one-way process, though, and can be time consuming.

The folks over at DigiDNA iMazing (formerly DiskAid) have a secure solution that works a bit differently, giving you complete control over how you backup and restore your data, letting you create a complete snapshot of your iPhone before you head to upgrade to iOS 8 or a new iPhone 6.

Here’s how.

How to get ready for an iOS 8 upgrade the right way



Whether you’re getting a new iPhone or not, chances are you’ll want to upgrade to iOS 8 to take advantage of all it has to offer.

Exciting, isn’t it? A whole new operating system, ready to revolutionize your mobile life.

There are a few things you should do before upgrading to iOS 8, though. First you’ll want to clean up your existing iOS 8-compatible device. Then you need to make a good backup using iTunes, iCloud or a combination of the two. (Bonus: If you do end up getting an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you’ll have a nice, clean, ready-to-rock iOS device to migrate from.)

Here’s how to get your iPhone (or iPad) ready for iOS 8 – the right way.

Get Unlimited Storage For One Year With Pogoplug [Deals]



Running out of space on your phone? Worried about losing those irreplaceable photos and videos? Pogoplug has your back…and your backup.

Through this Cult of Mac Deals offer you’ll get Pogoplug, which gives you unlimited storage on your phone, tablet and computer for one year. That means you’ll have access to your files anytime and anywhere – and all for just $39.