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M1 MacBook Pro and custom PC split dual gaming displays [Setups]


The owner tried to set this whole thing up to roll into another room.
The owner tried to set this whole thing up to roll into another room.
Photo: cjeffe10

Some computer setups will make you green with envy, considering their gear’s quantity as well as quality. Take today’s featured setup, a delight for both gamers and podcasters.

It sports not just a new M1 MacBook, but also a powerful custom gaming PC. It boasts not just a solid 27-inch full HD display, but a monster 49-inch super-ultra-wide screen. And it relies on not just a good webcam, but a premium mirrorless digital camera.

And the list goes on, extending to audio and even a new mechanical keyboard. Read on.

M1 MacBook Pro powers ‘cozy productivity corner’ [Setups]


Don't worry, there's an image with a little more light below.
Don't worry, there's an image with a little more light below.
Photo: OsmiumOG@Reddit.com

We usually prefer to feature sunny or exotic or just-plain-fun computer setups on Fridays, but today a dark and brooding one caught our eye. A 13-inch M1-powered MacBook Pro and a 34-inch LG curved ultra-wide display are at its center.

But the “cozy productivity corner” also features excellent input devices, formidable audio and a rather nice standing desk.

Connectivity tricks of a multi-display workstation [Setups]


Oh, what a difference three external displays make.
Oh, what a difference three external displays make.
Photo: Cypher_27@Reddit.com

Not long ago we wrote about a person who fashioned an ergonomically healthy computer setup with little more than an M1 Pro MacBook. At the time, their fancy new display was still to-be-delivered, so they made-do without it. Now all the screens are in place and they make a magnificent workstation, with the MacBook running with one landscape-mode display and two portrait-mode monitors. It took some special connectivity tricks to make it happen.

An iMac headlines this well-lit setup [Setups]


iMac Setup: This setup is geared for productivity.
This setup is geared for productivity.
Photo: @markspurrell

Mark Spurrell is a Canadian tech YouTuber who knows a thing or two about building productive setups. His rig is geared toward getting things done. The mainstay is a 2020 27-inch iMac, a total workhorse of a machine.

He uses a sit-stand SmartDesk 2 by Autonomous. This desk is awesome for long grinds, because when he is bored of sitting, he can get new scenery with the click of a button. When he does sit down, he sits in a Kinn Chair, also made by Autonomous. This chair is basically an adapted Herman Miller Embody, the gold-standard of ergonomic office chairs. But at $419, it costs less than a third of the price.

A felt desk pad really ties this setup together [Setups]


iMac Setup
In this setup, everything is in its right place.
Photo: @landonbtw

Landon Bytheway is a Salt Lake City-based content creator for Full Time Filmmaker, a crash course on everything film. And his setup is geared for creating top-quality videos.

The linchpin is a 27-inch iMac that rests on top of a Walnut Monitor Desk Stand by Grovemade. Mounted over it is a 34-inch LG Curved UlraWide that takes this rig to the next level. In fact, Bytheway’s only complaint about the setup is the kink he gets in his neck from staring upward so long.

SmartDesk 2 lets you sit or stand at a stellar price [Review]


SmartDesk 2 full setup with monitor and light
The SmartDesk 2 can turn your boring desk into a versatile workspace.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Until very recently, I never spent a lot of mental energy thinking about the desk I worked at. As long as there was enough space for whatever I was doing, and it wasn’t getting in the way, I was pretty flexible.

As I’ve started spending more time working and taking meetings from home, I have started to notice when certain “desks” don’t work as well. Sitting on the couch, standing at the bar in our kitchen, or working from the dining table are all OK from time to time, but none are particularly comfortable long-term. Some of this comes down to having a desk at the proper height, and some of it is the lack of flexibility I get in those situations.

That why, when the folks at Autonomous asked if I wanted to check out their SmartDesk 2 adjustable standing desk, I saw it as an opportunity to see if the hype about standing desks is all it’s cracked up to be.

Google teams up with Chrysler to build self-driving minivans


The Chrysler Pacifica could soon drive itself.
Photo: Fiat Chrysler
The Chrysler Pacifica could soon drive itself. Photo: Fiat Chrysler

Google is on the verge of signing a new deal with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to build “several dozen” self-driving minivans, according to a new report.

The first models could be on the road sometime this year for the first phase of the self-driving vehicle partnership, but it’s not yet clear what the main objective is.