PornHub’s new AR app makes your nude pics safe for work


TrickPics takes the 'N' out of 'NSFW' pics.
TrickPics takes the 'N' out of 'NSFW' pics.
Photo: PornHub

Sending a saucy pic to a significant will no longer put your naughty bits in danger of being exposed to the entire internet, thanks to a new app from PornHub.

The new app called TrickPics taps into the power of augmented reality to cover up your private parts. It’s basically like Snapchat lenses, only instead of turning your face into a cute puppy, it turns package into a Christmas gift box.

Cool iPhone 8 concept imagines iOS without a Home button


iphone 8 concept
This is what the iPhone might look like without a home button.
Photo: MacCityNet

Apple is expected to ditch the Home button with the iPhone 8, but that could create some new problems, like, “How will you get back to the Home screen?”

Switching between apps wouldn’t be the same without a Home button to click. An interesting new iPhone 8 concept out of Italy explores how changes within iOS could provide a seamless experience if Apple removes the only navigation button on the iPhone.

Check it out:

iPhone 8 may get True Tone display and two 3D sensors


We hope the iPhone 8 is this beautiful.
We hope the iPhone 8 is this beautiful.
Photo: Imran Taylor

One of the best iPad Pro features may soon be heading to the iPhone.

All three new iPhones in 2017 will get True Tone displays, according to the latest research note from analysts at Barclays that predict Apple will add a “full spectral sensing” ambient light sensor on each device.

Apple’s AR glasses won’t hit your face for at least a year


How the iPhone might look with curved glass.
Apple will give iPhone 8 owners a taste of augmented reality.
Photo: Gabor Balogh

The next big thing from Apple is probably a year or so away from its grand unveiling.

Apple has a host of engineers dedicated to building and testing different augmented reality headsets, and according to a new report, the crew is getting a lot more resources to turn it into a consumer product.

Apple snags top AR talent for work on new wearable


The Magic Toolbar could be a baby step toward augmented reality.
Augmented reality could transform the use of Apple products.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s massive team of hardware and software engineers working on augmented reality (AR) includes former employees from Dolby Laboratories, Oculus and HoloLens, alongside special effects folks from Hollywood.

According to a new report, Apple now has hundreds of engineers working on the project, which aims to introduce AR features first to the iPhone, and then possibly later for a standalone headset.

Top Apple analyst says Wall Street underestimates iPhone 8


We hope the next iPhone is this beautiful.
Photo: AlHasan Husni

Sales of the upcoming iPhone 8 could be even bigger than most people are expecting, according to Morgan Stanley’s top Apple analyst, Katy Huberty.

In a recent interview, the Wall Street analyst said that the new iPhone will have so many innovative new features is will trigger an avalanche of upgrades that will likely shatter Apple’s old records.

Oculus has no plans to bring VR to the Mac anytime soon


Alex Heath gets down in the Oculus booth. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
You still can't use the Oculus Rift on Mac.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Mac users hoping to jump into the world of virtual reality will have to wait even longer than expected.

Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell revealed in a recent interview that the company currently has no plans to bring Rift support to the Mac. Even though Mitchell himself is a MacBook Pro user, he says Apple’s machines don’t have the resources to deliver a premium experience

Apple’s AR ambitions may be bigger than we thought


Apple is diving into AR.
Augmented reality could arrive with the iPhone 8.
Photo: Metaio

Apple “may have over 1,000 engineers working on a project in Israel that could be related” to augmented reality, claims UBS analyst Steven Milunovich in a new note to clients.

Because of this, Milunovich suggests that Apple is viewing AR as one of the next big areas of tech innovation. One possible application could be, “moderate 3D mapping” which might arrive as soon as this year’s iPhone upgrade — along with an AR software development kit.