AR is the future of fitness [Cult of Mac Magazine 400]


Apple AR glasses will turbocharge fitness.
Apple AR glasses will turbocharge fitness.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

If you think Apple Watch makes workouts fun and efficient, wait till Apple’s mixed-reality glasses land on your face. Graham Bower outlines how and why augmented reality will take fitness to the next level in Cult of Mac Magazines cover story this week. It all sounds quite incredible — and yet also quite possible.

Also this week, we’ve got plenty of fresh Apple rumors, plus a trove of tantalizing tidbits gleaned from insider emails that came to light during the Epic Games v. Apple trial that’s currently unfolding.

And if you haven’t watched Mythic Quest or The Mosquito Coast yet, it’s time to start streaming. It looks like Apple TV+ has a couple more winners on its hands.

Mixed-reality Apple glasses could add a new dimension to fitness


How augmented reality could augment your workout
Will augmented reality augment your workouts?
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

Like Apple Watch before it, Cupertino’s much-anticipated mixed-reality headset looks set to be another leap forward for fitness wearables.

Mixed reality is already commonplace in TV sports. You see it every time the virtual line of scrimmage is superimposed onto a football field. Now imagine that the players on the field can see that virtual line too, just like the viewers at home. That’s exactly what Apple’s latest gadget could deliver, adding a whole new dimension to sports and fitness.

Procreate takes painting with iPad to a whole new dimension


Procreate 5.2 is “coming soon” according to Savage Interactive.
Go from a virtual canvas to painting 3D objects with Procreate 5.2.
Photo: Savage Interactive

Procreate 5.2 will let iPad users paint in 3D and then view their creations with augmented reality. That’s a significant  step beyond traditional 2D creation.

And Savage Interactive says its digital tool will be up to four times faster on the 2021 iPad Pro thanks to the M1 processor.

Apple AR glasses might not arrive as soon as we thought


Apple AR glasses might not be unwieldy.
Apple AR glasses are reportedly holding in the prototype stage.
Illustration: Apple

Apple’s much-rumored AR glasses reportedly suffered a setback and might not be out as soon thought. The wearable augmented-reality accessory could have gone into production in the first quarter of 2022, but that’s now supposedly unlikely.

Apple Clips adds new, easy-to-use AR video effects


Apple Clips adds AR Spaces for augmented reality video recording
Don’t just record your friends’ dance routine. Add augmented reality effects to make it amazing.
Photo: Apple

Apple Clips 3.1, a new version of the free video-creation app, adds fun augmented reality effects that map themselves to a room and the people in it. The goal is unique videos that people can then share on social media.

And Apple promised to start making monthly content releases with new filters, stickers and more.

How to see the AR easter egg hidden in Apple April 20 event invite


How to see the AR easter egg hidden in Apple April 20 event invite
Bring the logo from the just-announced Apple April event to your own home with the magic of augmented reality.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Hidden in Tuesday’s invite to the Apple April event is an augmented reality easter egg. It’s part of the company’s ongoing move to draw more attention to AR.

The graphic for the event invite is the Apple logo made out of a swirling line. iPhone and iPad users can transfer that design to the real 3D world, and put it in motion.

Tim Cook says Apple is committed to AR, TV+ and privacy but not to Apple Car


Apple continues to soar under Tim Cook's assured leadership.
In a wide-ranging interview with the NYT, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about privacy, AR, the Apple Car and Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple

It’s never easy to get Apple’s CEO to talk about the future. But Kara Swisher from The New York Times managed to get Tim Cook to drop a few hints about some of the company’s future plans.

Cook says Apple is committed to Apple TV+. And to user privacy. But he’s not promising that the Apple Car will ever be real.

Surprise! Apple might unveil mixed-reality headset in 2021


This Apple VR headset concept
The Apple VR headset might jump from concept to reality sooner than expected.
Concept: Antonio De Rosa

Apple supposedly will announce its first virtual reality/augmented reality headset “in the next several months,” according to a very reliable source. It could be as quickly as WWDC 2021.  That’s well before other predictions.

While the iPhone-maker hasn’t committed to any such device, its VR headset has been the subject of many leaks. But no one can agree on when it’ll reach customers. Most recent reports have pointed to some point in 2022, though.

Apple’s AR headset could weigh half as much as rivals’


Apple could take on the likes of Oculus with a VR headset as early as 2022.
Ming-Chi Kuo has the inside track on Apple's AR headset.
Photo: Minh Pham/Unsplash CC

Apple’s augmented reality/mixed reality headset reportedly will weigh less than 150 grams. That’s about half the weight of current VR headsets, suggesting that Cupertino plans to make its debut AR/MR headset more streamlined than competitors. (What a surprise!)

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities made this prediction in a new note to clients, seen by Cult of Mac.

Forget swiping, Apple’s AR headset will react to what users are looking at


Microsoft's HoloLens are currently the mixed reality glasses to beat.
Photo: Microsoft

Apple’s upcoming augmented reality head-mounted display will be controlled by eye-tracking technology, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says in a note sent to clients Friday.

Instead of using hand controls, the technology will be able to detect wearers’ eye movements and blinking, then instantly compute the required information so it can be seen on the device’s micro-OLED display.