Podcasting 101: What you need to get started on Mac


Chris Ward's podcasting setup
My Podcasting setup
Photo: Chris Ward

Podcasting is undergoing a renaissance with listeners consuming on-demand shows at unprecedented levels, and creators enjoying surprising levels of success with their work. One thing that sets apart the amateurs from the professionals is good content, but the other is production values.

I have been running my own small podcast for about a year, trying different ideas and formats to see what works. While I’m an amateur podcaster, I create tutorial videos for a living and I used to be a professional musician, so I know a thing or two about sound, music, and music production. I have also been using a Mac since 1997, and have recorded audio with just about every port that Apple has released. For me, the podcast is a great outlet to cover topics I don’t get to cover in my paid writing work. And of course, like many other podcasters, I like the sound of my own voice.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned, along with recommendations on the hardware, software and techniques to get you started podcasting using your Mac.

Help Jam Servers For Hot New Download: SRS Audio Essentials for Mac



When I saw that well-regarded audio company, SRS, was offering a new Mac-compatible version of their Audio Essentials software, I headed – nay, rushed – over to their website to grab the free demo for the new Mac version.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one, as the message that greeted me when I (finally) found the Mac download page: “Our servers our currently jammed due to the popularity of the new release of Audio Essentials. Downloading will take a little extra time. Thank you for understanding. We are working quickly to resolve the issue.”

Yep, it’s a hot download.