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Micro OLED displays might make Apple’s AR glasses super-thin and light


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Apple and A-series chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. teamed up to develop “ultra-advanced display technology” at a special facility in Taiwan, a Wednesday report claims.

The Micro OLED displays measure less than 1 inch in size, according to Nikkei Asia. Apple potentially could use the displays for its long-rumored augmented reality glasses.  However, it seems likely it will take “several years” to bring the hardware to market.

Apple meets with cutting-edge display makers to talk MicroLED


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MicroLED displays could be coming to Apple devices sooner rather than later.
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Apple representatives reportedly visited Taipei this week to attend the Touch Taiwan display industry convention.

During the event, Apple is said to have held private meetings with two Taiwanese display makers to discuss their MicroLED and MiniLED technologies, both of which could be used in future devices.

WSJ: Apple’s Next iPad Mini Will ‘Likely’ Have A Retina Display



Will it or won’t it have a Retina display?

That’s the big question everyone is asking about the second-generation iPad mini, and we’ve been seeing conflicting reports about it for several months. But according to sources “familiar with the matter,” who have been speaking to The Wall Street Journal, it’s “likely” the answer to that question is yes.

Display Maker Catches Up With iPad Mini Demand, Begins Work On iPad Mini 2 [Rumor]



AU Optronics, a display manufacturer that produces panels for the iPad mini, has reportedly caught up with its orders following poor yield rates during the second half of 2012. The company has produced one million displays for the device, according to industry sources, and it has now begun work on its next project — a new display for the next-generation iPad mini.

New iPad’s Biggest Threat Isn’t From Microsoft Or Google, It’s From The iPad Mini [Report]


The iPad mini is winning.
Bigger isn't always better. It depends how you use it.

Apple launched the fourth-generation iPad back in October, introducing a new A6X processor, a FaceTime HD camera, and its new Lightning connector. But despite those improvements, it appears the device isn’t selling as well as its predecessors. The reason? Another tablet is “cannibalizing” its sales.

But that tablet isn’t from Microsoft, or Google, or Amazon — or any other manufacturer for that matter. That tablet is the iPad mini.

iPad Mini Supply Constraints Continue After Apple Gave Samsung Display The Boot [Rumor]


Apple could miss Samsung's displays this Christmas.

Apple’s decision to give Samsung Display the boot over the iPad mini may be one that comes back to haunt the Cupertino company. Its tiny tablet is expected to be a smash hit this Christmas, but Apple is said to be battling with supply constraints as one of its two display manufacturers struggles to meet the demand.

Apple’s Suppliers Are Already Working On The Retina Display For iPad Mini 2 [Rumor]


Apple won't make us wait too long for a Retina iPad mini 2.

The iPad mini is an incredible tablet, and I haven’t been able to put mine down since it was delivered last Friday. I love how thin and light it is, and that it will run all of my existing iPad apps right out of the box. There’s no ignoring the fact that it doesn’t have a Retina display, however.

The iPad mini’s low-resolution display sticks out like a sore thumb the second it lights up. It’s not awful — it’s still better than the iPad 2’s display, and after a few days you stop worrying about it. But it’s noticeably worse than the Retina iPad’s display.

If this has been stopping you from picking up the iPad mini, then you might want to hold onto your cash until its successor arrives next year. According to sources in Apple’s supply chain, the Cupertino company is already working on its 2048 x 1536 Retina display.

Bloomberg: iPad Mini To Launch This October With 7.85-Inch Display From LG


It's looking increasingly likely the iPad mini will get its own launch event in October.
It's looking increasingly likely the iPad mini will get its own launch event in October.

Sources for Bloomberg have corroborated recent iPad mini rumors by confirming that the device will launch this October with a 7.85-inch display supplied by AU Optronics and LG Display. This will be the first time AUO, which supplies displays for Apple’s MacBooks, will supply a display for one of the Cupertino company’s iOS devices.