Experience Apple TV Like Never Before With aTV Flash [Deals]



The AppleTV is one of the most underappreciated pieces of technology around, but it can be limiting. If you’re anything like me, you want to get more out of the tech you love. So if you want to get the most out of your AppleTV then aTV Flash from Firecore is the way to go.

And the great news is that Cult of Mac Deals has it for just $19.99 during this limited time offer.

Major aTV Flash (black) 2.0 Update In The Works For Apple TV Jailbreakers, Beta Slots Now Available [Jailbreak]


Version 2.0 is on the way.
Version 2.0 is on the way.

It’s been relatively quiet on the Apple TV jailbreak front since the untethered jailbreak was released for iOS 5.0.1. The only thing we really know about the third-gen Apple TV jailbreak is that it won’t be released for awhile. An untethered jailbreak is being worked on for new Apple TV owners behind the scenes, but no ETA has been given.

A lot is still happening in the Apple TV jailbreak community, however. FireCore today announced a huge update to the popular aTV Flash (black) software. Version 2.0 will supercharge a jailbroken Apple TV with even more features and improvements. A short beta period for aTV Flash (black) 2.0 will be offered before the final release, and there’s a limited number of spots available for those interested.

aTV Flash 1.6 Is Here To Bring Subtitles & iTunes Playback To Your Jailbroken Apple TV



Last week’s release of the much anticipated Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak didn’t just benefit iPhone and iPad owners: it also gives a new lease on life to the second-gen Apple TV. Now Firecore has released a major update to their aTV Flash software, and the new goes far to supercharge your set-top box with great new functionality the stock firmware doesn’t offer.

aTV Flash (black) 1.2 Now Available For Apple TV With Stacks Of New Features



aTV Flash (black) from FireCore is the ultimate solution for supercharging your jailbroken second-generation Apple TV. It introduces some terrific features that we’d all love to have on the device as standard, including a web browser, weather and RSS feeds, a Last.fm radio, and support for a huge variety of media formats.

But aTV Flash is even better with its latest update, which adds even more features and greatly improves your Apple TV experience.

aTV Flash Is Now Out Of Beta And Ready To Supercharge Your Jailbroken Apple TV


aTV Flash (black) from FireCore has now dropped its beta tag and hit version 1.0. The software package is designed to supercharge your second-generation jailbroken Apple TV, introducing a whole host of functionality that isn’t available from Apple. In addition to a media player which supports a huge variety of formats, aTV Flash will also introduce a web browser, weather and RSS feeds, a Last.fm radio, and more to your set-top box.

New aTV Flash is a Black Tie Affair



FireCore, makers of aTV Flash, a popular commercially available hack for the original Apple TV have announced a Mac OS X only public beta for the next generation Apple TV hack.

The new hack, aTV Flash (black), only works with Apple’s second generation Apple TV running iOS 4.0. That’s unfortunate since most of us have already updated to iOS 4.1, but an update to support that version of iOS is coming soon. This renders the beta completely useless for most of us, myself included, making the release of this public beta a bit awkward and ill-timed.