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Apple wants an astronaut emoji (among other things)


Get ready for even more emoji.
Get ready for even more emoji.
Photo: Apple

Astronauts and pilots are set to get their own emoji characters if Apple has its way.

The iPhone-maker recently submitted a request to the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee to add five more professions (artist, astronaut, firefighter, judge, and pilot) to the Emoji 4.0 update that is set to bring support for gendered emoji, a rainbow flag, and more.

Take a look at Apple’s proposed designs:

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Dead Trigger, Astronaut Spacewalk & More [Roundup]


Screen Shot 2012-07-06 at 23.31.10
There's something for everyone in this week's must-have games roundup.

Kicking off this week’s must-have games roundup is a fantastic first-person shooter from the creators of Shadowgun, in which you must take down hoards of bloodthirsty zombies before they take control of planet Earth. We also have a wonderfully unique astronaut simulator called Astronaut Spacewalk, plus lots more.

Want To Become An Astronaut & Explore Space? There’s An App For That!


Live your dream of becoming an astronaut from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

Becoming an astronaut is every boy’s dream. Who doesn’t want to walk on the moon? Unfortunately that dream fades away for the vast majority of us when we grow up and realize NASA doesn’t employ overweight college dropouts. That’s when we take up blogging.

But thanks to an upcoming iOS app, we can all pop on a white suit and moon boots and dance with the satellites.

NASA Prepares Us For Angry Birds Space With A Physics Lesson From Space [Video]



We’re two weeks away from launch day, the day Angry Birds boldly goes where no bird has gone before. I’m of course talking about Angry Birds Space, Rovio’s next Angry Bird iteration which looks to turn the series upside down. To prepare us for the challenges of launching a projectile in a weightless environment while compensating for the gravity fields of neighboring planetary bodies, NASA astronaut Dan Pettit gives us a quick physics lesson while aboard the International Space Station.