Ballistic’s Aspira Is The Sarah Connor Of iPhone Cases [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – I cringe every single time I drop my iPhone 5, but still I refuse to add a bulky protective case to its slim body. If I wanted a fat ugly phone that I could toss around the room, I’d buy some piece of crap Android handset.

But Ballistic’s new Aspira case manages to be not only tough, but also thin and good looking. It’s like the Sarah Connor of iPhone cases.

The Aspira aspires (ahem) to be an everyday, always-on case. It’s a smooth rubbery cover with edges and corners which are subtly flared to make them thicker without looking bulky. I tried on and it is surprisingly thin and light, and slides in and out of a front jeans pocket easily.

There are patterned versions and multicolored ones, and the patterns look a lot nicer in the flesh than in the website’s photos.

I’d seriously consider using one of these as an everyday case, it’s that slim. And when I bashed my iPhone (my own, personal iPhone, paid for by me) up against the Ballistic booth’s table, I didn’t cringe. High praise indeed.

Source: Ballistic

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Ballistic’s Aspira Cases Offer ‘Sexy Protection’ For Your iPhone 5 [CES 2013]


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Ballistic is at CES in Las Vegas this week showing off its latest lineup of iPhone 5 cases, the Aspira series. Decorated with bright and pretty patterns, the new selection delivers sleek, “sexy protection” for Apple’s latest smartphone, but it’s not all about looks. The cases are made from a combination of soft rubber and hard plastic to ensure protection against drops and dings.