AppShopper Is Back In The App Store With AppShopper Social


Welcome back, AppShopper. I mean, AppShopper Social.
Welcome back, AppShopper. I mean, AppShopper Social.

Alternative iOS informational website, AppShopper, had an app that was pulled from the App Store last December due to a conflict with new App Store rules that went into effect at that time. The team behind the app, who also run the website, have spent the hiatus working hard on a new app that is both compliant with Apple’s current App Store rules and useful to consumers.

AppShopper Social was announced today as live in the App Store, bringing with it a host of new social discovery systems along with the familiar Wish List functionality it’s always had.

This is a completely separate app, so if you still have the original AppShopper app on your iPhone or iPad, you can use them both alongside each other.