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Elago makes fun, functional Apple accessories, and we stock 173 of them


Elago's W6 Apple Watch charging stand looks like a classic iPod.
Elago's W6 Apple Watch charging stand looks like a classic iPod.
Photo: Elago

Elago makes a staggering array of accessories for Apple products, from Apple Watch bands and device chargers to iPad stands and whimsical cases that look like classic gear from yesteryear.

The Cult of Mac Store offers 173 Elago products for sale. Check them out, and see some highlights below.

Charging stand turns Apple Watch into tiny retro computer


There's no denying Elago's W9 Stand for Apple Watch is pretty cute.
There's no denying Elago's W9 Stand for Apple Watch is pretty cute.
Photo: Elago

Apple Watch is a serious tool, but that doesn’t mean all its accessories need to be straight-faced. Elago excels at making lighthearted and charming retro-style accessories for Apple products, and its W9 Stand for Apple Watch is no different. It makes your wearable look like an old-school Mac.

Compatible with all Apple Watch series, from Ultra down through the smaller sizes, the W9 stand is available now in the Cult of Mac Store.

Delightful Apple accessories by Elago going for 15% off (today only!)


Elago's W5 Apple Watch Stand is a blast from the past.
Elago's W5 Apple Watch Stand is a blast from the past.
Photo: Elago

Elago is known for its fun and interesting stands and cases, often in a retro vein. If you’re in need of Apple accessories along those lines — or along any lines, really — you should check out the big Halloween Sale in the Cult of Mac Store. It ends today (Tuesday, November 1).

The three Elago items below, for example, are all offered at 15% off regular prices.

Inexpensive stand makes your Apple Watch into a desk accessory [Review]


HEDock review
The HEDock holds an Apple Watch in portrait or landscape mode.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Your Apple Watch can still be useful, even when you’re not wearing it. The HEDock holds the Watch up at a convenient angle while it’s charging.

This simple, very affordable accessory could be just what your desk or bedside table needs. And it’s on sale through April 18 in the Cult of Mac Store for just $9.99.

Laut’s stylish aluminum stands cradle your Apple devices in style


Laut stand for iPhone
And they're more affordable than you might think!
Photo: Laut

If you’re looking for a clean way to charge your beloved Apple Watch, or somewhere to place your iPhone so that it’s easy to see while you’re working, check out these elegant, super-sturdy stands from Laut.

They’re made from robust, anodized aluminum and designed to look good anywhere. They’re also available in a range of color options to match your Apple devices.

Elago’s MagSafe charging hub takes on Apple Watch, too


MS Charging Hub Duo for iPhone and Apple Watch
Enforce order for messy charging cables.
Photo: Elago

Sick of seeing charging cables strewn across your desk or nightstand? Enforce order with the brilliantly simple MS Charging Hub Duo from Elago. It takes your MagSafe and Apple Watch chargers and neatly integrates them into a sleek silicone stand that eliminates cable clutter.

Get yours today for under $25.

Last chance: Save 15% on sweet Elago accessories for iPhone, Apple Watch


Save on Elago's new Apple Pencil cover
Get the new Apple Pencil cover for just $11.04.
Photo: Elago

Elago’s awesome accessories for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods are now available at 15% off through the Cult of Mac Store.

You can save on brilliant retro charging stands inspired by iconic devices like the original Macintosh and Game Boy, Apple Watch bands, iPhone cases, AirPods bumpers, and lots more. There’s also 15% off Elago’s new Apple Pencil cover.

This discount ends at 11:59 p.m. PST Sunday, January 9, so enjoy it while you can.

These aesthetic Apple Watch charging stands are more than 60% off


These aesthetic Apple Watch charging stands are more than 60% off.
Seamlessly charge your Apple Watch with one of these colorful docks.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’re a proud Apple Watch owner, you’ve probably watched in horror more than once when you knocked your device right off its flat magnetic perch — or, perhaps even worse, woke up to find it was never properly placed and didn’t charge overnight. It’s hard enough remembering to charge it every single night, since it only has an 18-hour battery life, but you also need to ensure it’s actually secured to its magnetic circle.

Here’s your fix: The Apple Watch Charging Cable & Stand, which comes in a wide array of aesthetically pleasing colors. The design also shows off your watch display, and makes sure you’re actually connected to a charge the whole night.

In other words, it makes your life easier.

Ultra-affordable 2-in-1 stand neatly charges Apple Watch, AirPods Pro


Elago Duo Pro stand
Charges Apple Watch and iPhone (or AirPods).
Photo: Elago

Don’t spend hundreds on Apple Watch and AirPods Pro then leave them to get all scratched up on your bedside table while they’re charging. Keep them tidy and protected with Elago’s Duo Pro stand.

Its 2-in-1 design, available in four pretty color options, securely holds both your devices while they’re charging and keeps cables organized so they don’t get in the way. It’s even compatible with iPhone.

Get yours today for just $14.99.

Build your own iPhone, Apple Watch charging stand with Blocks


Blocks charging stand kit
What kind of charging stand will you create?
Photo: SwitchEasy

Build your own charging stand with the brilliant Blocks set from SwitchEasy. The kit includes everything you need (except charging cables) to create a wonderfully unique charging dock for iPhone, Apple Watch, or both.

Blocks makes a great gift for any creative mind, and it’s just $19.99 through the Cult of Mac Store.