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T-Mobile denies $100 Apple Watch rebate promised by Apple


Apple Watch Series 7 T-Mobile rebate
Some customers have redeemed the rebate successfully.
Image: Apple

T-Mobile customers are reportedly being denied a $100 rebate on Apple Watch Series 7 that was promised by Apple at the time of purchase.

As of Thursday morning, Apple’s website still advertises the promotion — which is supposedly available between October 8 and December 31. But some customers who have tried to redeem their cash say they’ve been unsuccessful.

Apple Watch Series 7 teardown reveals bigger batteries, new display tech


Apple Watch Series 7 teardown
Very familiar but with some big differences.
Photo: iFixit

Apple Watch Series 7 just got its customary teardown by iFixit, revealing some small but significant changes to its internals — including slightly larger batteries — and a somewhat surprising repairability score.

It looks like Apple’s newest wearable now uses more advanced display technology, which could explain why it faced such a lengthy delay.

New Zagg wares shield your Apple Watch 7, iPad mini and iPhone 13


Zagg's GlassFusion 360 protects your new Apple Watch 7's big, beautiful screen.
Zagg's GlassFusion 360 protects your new Apple Watch 7's big, beautiful screen.
Photo: Zagg

Zagg brought its whole new range of protective screens and cases for new Apple devices to the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular virtual press briefing Thursday. The company rolled out screen protectors for Apple Watch Series 7, iPad mini (6th gen) and the iPhone 13 series, along with a range of cases for the latter.

Apple Watch Series 7 owners report mysterious third-party app glitches


Apple Watch 7 app glitches
There should be app icons in those empty spaces.
Photo: James Thomson

Users setting up brand-new Apple Watch Series 7 units today report a number of strange glitches with third-party apps. In addition to missing app icons, many see problems rendering complications, the tiny widgets that surface info from various apps on the watch face.

It seems the glitches may be related to the App Store. Apple has not yet publicly acknowledged the problem, and there is apparently nothing users can to do set things straight.

Apple Watch Series 7 review roundup: Bigger is a bit better


Apple Watch Series 7 review roundup: Bigger is a bit better
The first round of Apple Watch Series 7 reviews are in.
Photo: Apple

The larger screen in the Apple Watch Series 7 is the highlight of the upcoming wearable, according to the first reviews out today. And reviewers praise faster charging, too.

Even so, the consensus is that the new model will be a welcome upgrade for those with an older Watch but not a significant jump for those with Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 7 starts shipping ahead of Friday’s launch


The aluminum Apple Watch Series 7 comes in five colors.
Have you had your shipping notification yet?
Photo: Apple

Apple has begun shipping the first Apple Watch Series 7 units ahead of Friday’s official launch. Orders started preparing for shipment over the weekend, and now customers are receiving their tracking information.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean that your Apple Watch Series 7 will arrive earlier. Apple works closely with its distribution partners to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Use Apple Watch Series 7’s new cable to enjoy faster charging


Apple Watch 7 faster charging cable
It might look the same, but Apple Watch Series 7's charger is better.
Photo: Apple

If you’ve preordered a shiny new Apple Watch Series 7, be sure to use the charging cable it ships with to enjoy its faster charging speeds.

Apple’s newest wearable charges 33% faster than its predecessors. But you won’t get the benefits of that upgrade if you charge it using an older Apple Watch charger (or a power adapter that isn’t beefy enough).

It’s time: Apple Watch Series 7 now available to preorder


California Streaming event: Apple Watch Series 7 packs a bigger, more durable screen.
Bag yours before the shipping dates slip!
Photo: Apple

The wait for Apple Watch Series 7 is finally over, with preorders live on Apple.com and through the Apple Store app. Prices start at $399 for a 41mm model and $429 for a 45mm model. They rise to $499 for LTE connectivity.

Series 7 ships with Apple Watch’s largest screens, a more durable design, and faster charging. It’s also available in a range of new color options. Initial supplies are expected to be limited, so bag yours before shipping dates slip.