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What we already know about Apple Watch Series 8


Apple Watch Pro with flash screen
A new top-of-the-line Apple Watch Pro allegedly coming in 2022 will have a flat screen and a titanium body.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

You don’t have to wait until September to get the details on the next-gen Apple Watch. Many of them leaked out already.

Here’s what to expect out of the upcoming Series 8, and a new “extreme sports” Apple Watch. An updated Apple Watch SE is also supposedly in the offing.

Apple Watch Series 7 will feature updated display, Explorer Edition will ship in 2022


Apple Watch Series 7 concept
Is this the Apple Watch set for release later this year?
Concept: Jon Prosser/RendersbyIan

The Apple Watch Series 7 will boast a faster processor, better wireless connectivity, and a new, improved screen, says a new report from Bloomberg. The screen will have thinner bezels and a “new lamination technique that brings the display closer to the front cover.” This would be the first Apple Watch form factor redesign since 2018.

However, a body temperature sensor that was planned for this year’s update has supposedly been pushed back to the 2022 iPhone. Meanwhile, a rumored blood sugar sensor for monitoring glucose levels is reported as still being several years away.

Apple Watch Explorer Edition could be the first great rugged smartwatch


Apple Watch Explorer Edition could be Apple's answer to the ultra-popular G-Shock series.
A rugged Apple Watch could compete with the ultra-popular G-Shock series.
Photo: Moritz Kindler/Unsplash CC

A ruggedized version of Apple Watch could take the device’s lifesaving smarts to new extremes.

The so-called Apple Watch Explorer Edition, rumored to be in the works with a possible release as early as this year, could be Cupertino’s answer to Casio’s ultra-popular G-Shock watches. The benefits of implanting Apple Watch’s advanced sensors into such a beefy body seem like a no-brainer.

Apple Watch’s blood oxygen sensors, heart rate monitors and fall detection can make a difference in the daily life of average folks. But they could prove far more valuable to wearers snowboarding down frigid slopes, climbing up sand dunes or mountains, scrabbling over mud and rocks or diving the ocean’s depths.

Such extreme environments, in which adventurous humans test their limits, are just dying for an injection of Apple Watch smarts.

Apple Watch Explorer Edition could bring new ruggedized design


Casio G-Shock
New Apple Watch could offer a design reminiscent of Casio's G-Shock watches.
Photo: Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita/Unsplash CC

Apple is considering whether to launch a more ruggedized Apple Watch aimed at athletes and people doing outdoor activities in extreme environments, Bloomberg reported Friday.

This device could potentially be launched as early as this year or 2022. Inside Apple, the project is referred to as the “Explorer Edition” Apple Watch. It would offer the same basic functionality as the regular Apple Watch, but with added rubberized impact-resistance and protection — similar to Casio’s G-Shock line of watches.