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Stunning deals drop Apple Watch Ultra and other models near new lows


Apple Watch Ultra
A smoking-hot deal on an Apple Watch Ultra refurb is just one of several bargains here.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Like clockwork, Amazon bargain site Woot! comes out with great deals on Apple gear, including refurbished Apple Watch deals. So now it’s time for what looks like the lowest price we’ve seen on Apple Watch Ultra and a bunch of other deals on older Apple Watches for those who don’t want to pay typical Apple prices.

“Well, movies taught me that I’d have a wrist communicator in the far future but they didn’t say anything about ten F&F movies, that’s cray …” the site joked, apparently name-dropping the Fast & Furious movie franchise.

Samsung’s new wearable steals Apple Watch 4’s hottest features


Apple Watch Meidcare
That includes a life-saving ECG app.
Photo: Apple

Samsung’s newest wearable will steal some of Apple Watch Series 4’s hottest features. The upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 2 is expected to get an ECG app as well as fall detection.

The device will be capable of detecting atrial fibrillation — a common heart condition — and of sharing heart data with physicians and other health professionals, a new report claims.

Apple Watch 4 with LTE expands its reach across Europe


Man’s brand new Apple Watch turns out to be toilet plunger
Man’s brand new Apple Watch turns out to be toilet plunger
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch Series 4 with LTE connectivity is now available in Austria and Finland for the first time. You can order yours from Apple or select carrier partners, with prices starting at €529.

Apple’s newest wearable will also arrive in Israel later this week.

What is your Apple Watch trying to tell you about your health?


Apple Watch may have saved the life of a 79-year-old with heart condition
Understanding these Apple Watch stats is key to unlocking its healthy potential.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

If you’ve been wearing an Apple Watch for a while now, chances are you have built up a huge amount of data related to your health. But do you know what it all means? What exactly is that wrist-mounted technological marvel trying to tell you?

All those different stats Apple Watch saves to the Health app can be a little overwhelming. But if you know how to interpret them, they provide a surprisingly wide variety of insights into your health. Like how fit you are, how much stress you are under and whether you are at risk of heart disease.

It’s worth taking the time to understand what your Apple Watch is telling you. It can help you improve your wellbeing — and it might even save your life.

Tiny attachment gives iPhone better ECG than Apple Watch


KardiaMobile lets an iPhone detect three types of heart problems.
KardiaMobile lets an iPhone detect three types of heart problems.
Photo: AliveCor

AliveCor‘s KardiaMobile has been cleared by the FDA to detect the three most common heart arrhythmias. It’s the only personal ECG cleared to do so.

That puts this pocket-size phone accessory well ahead of the Apple Watch, which can only detect one type of heart problem.

Apple Watch ECG saves NH man from serious heart problem


Apple health care
The electrocardiogram built into his Apple Watch 4 was the best gift a NH man received last year.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

A Christmas gift may have saved a New Hampshire man’s life. The ECG built into Barry Maden’s new Apple Watch 4 detected a heart problem.

A problem severe enough that the treatment included stopping his heart.

No, watchOS 5.1 doesn’t add ECG to Apple Watch Series 4


Apple Watch ECG
Apple says the ECG app is still "coming later this year" to Apple Watch Series 4.
Photo: Apple

Apple just released watchOS 5.1, an update that brings new features to this wearable. But one of these is not the software needed for Apple Watch Series 4 users to take an electrocardiogram. Other sites are incorrectly reporting that the ECG app is part of this update.

Bezels & Bytes Apple watch bands are fusing tech and jewelry design seamlessly


bezels & bytes
Transform your tech gadgets into fashion statements.
Photo: Bezels & Bytes

If you’re looking for a uniquely beautiful watch band to transform your Apple watch from a time piece to a jewelry statement, look no further. Bezels & Bytes fuses tech and style seamlessly with their collection of stunning, luxury Apple Watch Bands. Just ask Oprah!

We unboxed their gorgeous Chainlink & Leather Apple Watch band in rose gold, and it was awesome. Check out the live unboxing video on our YouTube channel here:

Catch our first-week impressions of Apple Watch 4 and iPhone XS Max, this week on The CultCast


Macbook Pro CultCast
Catch our iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch 4 first week impressions!
Photo: @YSR50

This week on The CultCast: Beautygate — what it is, and why it’s undoubtedly the dumbest “gate” in the history of iPhone! Plus: How have we liked our first week with Apple Watch 4 and iPhone XS? We reveal all. And the shockingly low production price of the iPhone XS Max proves Apple owes us more storage space!

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